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We have ALL heard them.....what are some that you wish you REALLY hadn't heard?? ALL of them? what was the one that convinced you to say, "I do" ~Trisha My love for you is like diarrhea. I... Read More

  1. by   Mama Val
    Passing out meds when one of the guys asks,
    "Hey Val you know anything about real estate??"
    "No", I answer as I innocently approach him with his meds
    He proceads to drop his pants and asks

    Thought it was cute
  2. by   inSANE
    Okay, pardon the baaaaaaaad words, but this caused me to spit out my beverage...

    Wanna get a beer and f*&ck or don't you drink?

    I laughed so hard! He finally got tired of me laughing, and turning blue in the face from vapor lock that he walked away.
  3. by   Jenny P
    From a pre-med student just before final exams (we had the same class): "want to study Anatomy tonight- by Braille?" I was so naive I responded "I'm sorry, I don't know Braille." My roomie and friends howled for a week after that!!!!!
  4. by   slinkeecat
    Before I was married and in my single days in my 20's>>>>

    I was sitting at a bar with my friends and this guy was trying his best to hook up with me and started out talking about his sexual prowness and kept getting really funny like how he was a sensative man and could go DOWN (wink wink,) for hours and etc... in this little flirty conversation, I said "My gosh, you are so funny, you make me laugh" and he said, "No, Baby... I'll make you scream" He did.

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