Perfect name for post boomer/pre gen-x

  1. I think I have the perfect name for us! Bradyboomers!
    The baby boom ended in 1962. It lasted from about 1946-62. The Gen-X group begins about 1973 or 74. We in the middle were called the baby bust because of the invention of the birth control pill. I was born in 65 just when the birth rate bottomed I guess it's a good thing I was a successful attempt!
    Did anyone else grow up with Laura Ingalls on Little House and follow her courtship with "Manly" every week?
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  3. by   ScarlettRN
    Does anyone else remember HR Puffnstuff and the Bugaloos? I was too young for shows like Gilligans Island when it was a sitcom, but it was on reruns after school every day. That and the Brady Bunch. And Lost in Space!
  4. by   TitaniaSidhe
    Ahhh my you have caused a trip down memory lane for me Used to love to watch Fantasy Island & Love Boat. Not to mention who shot JR on Dallas. Saturday mornings Thunder Cats, Land of the Lost, & all those school house rocks shorts. They should put those back on cuz lemme tell ya I can still sing some of them word for word. I had Holley Hobby & her brother until my daughter got a hold of them *sigh* Times were much simpler then & kids could be kids, remaining relatively safe. Catch fire flies & play flash light tag in the neighborhood after dark. Thanks for the trip back through time it was nice. BTW is was born Nov. 1968. & yes I had the Farah Faucett hair & a poster of David Lee Roth in my bedroom
  5. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I was born in '64.

    I remember HR Puff N STuff (remember "Stupid Bat?") and The Bugaloos. Benita Bizzare had a big turn-table in her house. I even remember the production company of the shows- Sid and Marty Kroft. I also watched The Midnight Special, and Friday Night Videos.

    Do these phrases ring a bell?
    1. Landshark!
    2. Jane, you ignorant s*ut!
    3. Waa waa waa!
    4. Ayyyyy!
    5. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.
    6. My name is Charlie. They work for me.
    7. Dy-no-mite!

    I had: A "Farrah" hair-do, A "Chrissy" doll (you pushed in her belly-button to make her hair grow). "Wacky Pack" stickers, "Flatsy" dolls and "Dawn" dolls. My Barbie had rooted eye lashes.

    I went to: A "KISS" concert, the ticket was $7.00. Some movies I saw were: Herbie The Love Bug, Young Frankenstein, Love at First Bite, Corvette Summer, and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band.

    I wore "Ditto" jeans and painter's pants, with a big handled plastic comb in the back pocket.

    I had and signed "Slam" books.

    I had the sound-tracks to Sgt Pepper and Saturday Night Fever, and Blondie's "Parrallel Lines" on 8-track.

    Bands I had vinyl albums of included:
    KISS, The Runaways, Journey, Peter Frampton, Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper and Joan Jett.
    I had the first KISS comic book. Bet it's worth a fortune now!

    At the movies, I saw Dawn of the Dead, Close Encounters, Young Frankenstein, Herbie The Love Bug, and Love at first Bite.

    My favorite cartoon was Underdog.

    I didn't watch Little house on the Prairie, but I read all the books, and Charlotte's Web, too.

    Remember ordering the magazines "Bananas" and "Dynamite" at school through Arrow Books?

    C'mon, fellow Baby-Busters and Brady-Boomers, let's share our memories!
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  6. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    "Conjunction Junction, What's your function? Putting words together and making them function..."

    "I do my thing in action...VERB! That's what's happening...."

    "I'm just a Bill on Capitol Hill...."
  7. by   flowerchild
    Don't forget about Mrs. Beasley. I loved her sooo much!
    How 'bout Sigmond the Sea Monster?
    Laugh In.
    The GO GO dance?
    OH! And the clothes! Loved my multi print cartoon jeans. Hip Huggers-popular again. Halter tops. Mini skirts. Short, shorts.
    And the hair cuts...shag, the Hammel cut.

    We invented Skateboards. Used to take apart our metal wheel skates when we'd outgrow them and nail them to boards.

    We invented Punk Rock too! Rock Lobster, whoooo. My teenager doesn't believe it!

    Remember when the principal paddled the bad kids? Kept us all in line. LOL.

    We'd play outside all day long. Came in when the street lights came on. Now, I can't even let my little ones outside alone.

    Video games consisted of chess, tank, pong.

    Anyone up for a game of Clue?

    Thanks for the memories!
  8. by   petiteflower
    omg---I was born in 65. I had a flatsy with green hair. I loved those things. I recently found a video tape that had all of the "
    schoolhouse rock" songs on it. I bought it for my kids. I sat there and sang along with it. My kids love it.

    I loved little house on the prarie----------does any one remember the Donny and Marie show?

    How about the Bay City Rollers?
  9. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    OMG, The Bay City Rollers!
    Who can forget "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!"

    And "Pong"...we thought it was sooooo technical, so advanced!
    I remember dancing the Pogo to Devo's "Whip It" at an 11th grade dance..

    Sigmund and The Seamonsters.... I remember they watched Shellovision and talked on the Shellophone.

    This is fun...keep it going!
  10. by   karenG
    OMG! this is scary! I was born in 1960- so remember all this and more- I have been a punk and a new romantic!! my sons would be horrified! over here, it was the Osmonds, Bay City Rollers, Queen......also deep purple, the Doors.....I could go on..... on telly- I remember watching the first man on the moon! also thunderbirds, stingray and the banana splits show.......and mustnt forget- DR Who!!

    sigh!! now I am a respectable(!) nurse practitioner who's patients dont know the half of it!!

  11. by   cpgrn
    Born in 54. I hate to tell you but we had skate boards before you were born.
  12. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Check it out, Brady-boomers!
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  13. by   babs_rn
    Captain Kool and the Kong every saturday morning on TV...remember "Electra-woman and Dyna-girl"? and Isis? And some bushy-headed blonde superhero TV show with the theme song that made the charts.....("Believe it or not/I'm walking on air/I never thought I could feel so free-ee-ee/Flying away/on a wing and a prayer/who could it be? / Believe it or not it's just me/)

    Oh, God, we're all getting old. I can't believe I can remember the WORDS to that song! tee-hee....I must have been in Jr. High...\

  14. by   niteshiftnurse
    I was born in 51 and remember all the above. what a great time it was