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In the hospital where I worked a couple of years ago, a very well known hockey player came for healthcare after an accident...girls were all upside down...and you, for which famous star would you be... Read More

  1. by   lacedmm1
    Quote from ranaazha
    Christian Bale

    I'd spend so much time drooling and gawking in a trance, I think they'd end up admitting me to the psych floor.
    Yes, I agree completely...he is just about the hottest patient I can think of. I'm surprised people don't realized his absolute hotness, oh well, their loss---more for me.
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  2. by   jesbetts
    Matt Damon...Hands down. I could possibly be forced to do 1 on 1 for the rest of his life. The best assignment in the world!!!!redpinkhe
  3. by   TrickieTam
    Johnny Depp could soooo get a sponge bath from me! I would volunteer extra days.
  4. by   danissa
    Quote from dreamingofbeing
    ##5- Gordon Ramsay

    I could go on and on but these are the top 5.
    Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO! Babe..he's a bad faced troll! Great cook, but a bully boy with such baad skin and an attitude to match! YUK...would not sponge him down for all the tea in china!
  5. by   cursenurse
    I like gordon ramsey. He's not good looking but he is entertaining to watch!
  6. by   kburns0016
    OK let see....
    6. Gary Dourdan
    5. Orlando Bloom
    4.Johnny Depp
    3. Hugh Laurie ( I dont know it is something about his eyes I think)
    2.Shemar Moore

    I think this list of patients might need special orders ....written for spongebaths at nurses discretion..right?!?!
    DANG....... too much estrogen flowing here... Gotta throw in the Testosterone point of view which so far is partially correct.

    Alyssa Milano - ANY haircut she wants
    Reese Witherspon
    Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Taylor Swift (once she's legal.. lol)
    Nancy Travis (ok, so I'm showing my age)
    Holly Hunter (again I am showing my age)

    I'm sure there are a few more I can think of, but, cerebral blood flow is limited momentarily
  8. by   nitenite
    I'd love to treat Josh Groban for ANYTHING. (but nothing too serious that he's in danger, we wouldn't want that lovely singing voice of his silenced!)
  9. by   lpnflorida
    Sean Connery could put his shoes under my bed anyday,,oopps I mean I would give him very good nursing
  10. by   fuzzywuzzy
    James McAvoy
    Jake Gyllenhall
  11. by   Shenanigans
    Haha! one time when I was a student there was a (NZ) national celebrity on our ward and I was caring for them and I had no damn idea who they were because I didn't pay attention to the thing that made them famous. And the funny thing was at the end of my shift they said to me "You don't know who I am, do you?" and I said "Sure you're such and such (said their name_". Then I went and told my nurse perceptor that I thougth the person had some mental issues and might not know who they are!
  12. by   scottrho
    Wow, lots of bono picks, for me, not even a little bit. But that's OK, looks like I get Craig Ferguson all to myself
  13. by   Hoping4RNin2010
    Definitely Brett Scallions. (I have never seen anyone mention Brett except on the Fuel boards!)

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