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  1. MTRN13

    I want to be a Nursery Nurse

    Most hospitals are asking for a bachelor of science in nursing. For nursery you would need NRP and STABLE certifications. Both one day courses. Good luck.
  2. MTRN13

    Interview concern

    Hi ! I would really appriate any help . I have applied for a position in a training program at my current hospital in another department which is been my dream job. The only problem is I have to go to a panel interview after a 12 hour shift. They are...
  3. MTRN13

    remember the flight attendent who quit creatively?

    Find the largest stereo, and play the song "take this job, and shove it" while singing along at the top of my lungs and walking around the whole floor at 7 AM so both shifts hear it. I would also go around setting off random callights all night long...
  4. MTRN13

    Please help me figure out what happened to my pt

    This was a topic of a staff meeting this last week. We are not allowed to combine breaks. We get 3 15 minute breaks, and one half hour break for a 12 hour shift. We were told if someone is covering your patient, and something happens we are both liab...
  5. MTRN13

    "The Golden Hour"

    I think it is a really good idea. Unfortuantely at my hospital we do not have it. Although from 0630-0700 if there is an admission or transfer we only take the vital signs, and a quick assessment to make sure they are stable. If the patient is from P...
  6. I dressed in black pants, and a nice dressy sweater that looked nice. I also did hair, and make up professionally. I do not think there is a need to wear a suit. Just dress to impress.
  7. Attractive does not = good nurse. Maybe it is the patients who feel better after having attractive nurses take care of them like some kind of placebo effect.
  8. MTRN13

    When to make change in career ?

    Hi ! I am a med-surg RN. I started out as a new grad at my hospial 20 months ago. I really want to go into L&D. I just came back from 3 months of medical leave due to an injury that is now completely healed. I want to change departments, but wond...
  9. MTRN13

    $20 per hr New Grad LVN-SoCal

    Many nurses in So. Cal are having a hard time finding any nursing jobs. With a year or so experience you could then move on. I do not know the current going rate for LVN's in assisted living. I would consider it. Good Luck !
  10. MTRN13

    Stupid mistake that I can't fix

    I think you tearing yourself up because you care about your work. I would not find any fault in that. I also think you would be hard pressed to find a nurse on here who has never made a spelling mistake on thier charting. Plus learning something new ...
  11. MTRN13

    i need your help nurses!

    I would take the 13 credits and focus on getting good grades. Like a few have already said gettting into nursing school is very competitive. Also if you are doing well you could volunteer a few hours a week at a local hospital, and I would recommend ...
  12. MTRN13

    Nurses,if it ok to be scared of the hospital ER?

    I would follow the advice given to you by the nurse at the clinic. Let your nurse and doctor know that your a little apprehensive about being in the ER. A good medical team will be sensitive to your need as well as take good care of you. Don't be afr...
  13. MTRN13

    Stupid mistake that I can't fix

    There are a lot worst mistakes you can make. Try not to worry about it. You are after all only human. It is more important you take good care of your patients, and avoid mistakes in that area. Count your blessings, and try and move on. If I am not s...
  14. MTRN13

    vip floor in a hospital

    At my hospital we have two VIP rooms. It is has hardwood floors, marble sink in bathroom, higher count thread sheets and towels, higher quality patient gown, bathroom amenities ie. name brand toothbrush and toothpaste etc.., nurse patient ratio is 1:...
  15. I agree with the through documentation using quotation marks. I would also be writing incident/event reports. Getting my department manager, CPS, and risk management involoved. This poor child. I cannot even imagine what parent in their right mind co...