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Anyone have any funny nursing school stories from their past? I had to change an IV bag and went in with my instructor to do so. My instructor always made me nervous but I was determined to... Read More

  1. by   Jessy_RN
    These are great! lol
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    Quote from mary761
    First semester, first IM injection. Standing at the med cart with my instructor, who was watching me draw back the medication. I had trouble getting the cap off the syringe, but she told me, "just pull it straight off". Finally got it off, drew up the medication from the bottle. Instructor, cool as kool-aid, says "What's that on the front of your uniform?" It was blood--my blood! Not only on my uniform, but also dripping on my shoe. I was SO intent on doing that shot right that I didn't notice I split my palm wide open with the needle. GAWD.
    Back in the "old days" the military and EMT-P instructors used to teach you to pull a cap by holding it in your teeth! (now considered a )

    Well, here I am fresh out of the service, working as a lab vampire. I go into a pts. room to draw am labs, get my equip ready and stick the capped sharp in between my teeth to uncap it. Sometimes a little extra plastic is holding the cap on..... you can see where this is going. A hard yank pulled the needle free of the cap and a reflexive backlash drove the 18ga 2" sharp all the way through my lower lip: blood rushing out all over me and the pts. floor.

    Needless to say, to this day, I am darned careful uncapping sharps and have NEVER used my teeth to do so again! :imbar
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    As I'm not officially a nursing student yet...... I might not even make it into the program after they find out what an idiot I am. My youngest sister delivered at a Major Hospital in Toledo 2 weeks ago. About 3 a.m. and 20 hours into labor(yeah I'm a moron that stayed the whole time) I was zoning. My daughter wants some ice water(yeah I brought my dd with me to stay up all night for this wonderful event)... so I ask at the nursing station where at least 5 of them are sitting with my sisters OB(I didn't know that was who she was I hadn't seen her et. LOL) So I ask to see if we can get some ice water. They pointed me in the direction of the ice/water machine and told me have at it. They might have wanted to include directions. There were pitchers and cups and the perfect ice round small ice pellets. Oh that is the best part of the hospital I swear. LOL. Anyway I digress..... I see these pitchers and these foam things to line the pitcher. So I get a few cups and the pitcher and get a foam thing. I push the foam thing into the pitcher and it only goes part way and CROOKED to boot. I was so upset I'm thinking what is the trick to this damn thing. I worked at it forever and with NO LUCK I filled the foam thing with ice and water and carried it to the nurses station and said WHAT IS THE TRICK TO THIS STUPID THING. LOL. Yeah well I got the idiot of the year award. They were dying. I guess the trick is the foam goes on the outside. WHO KNEW????????
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    Nice to hear that your instructor didint mind of the small mistakes, thats okey, now you know she can make you laugh instead of being nervous all the time...Cool!!!
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    I was observing a (TEE) Transesophageal echocardiogram.

    We were waiting for the Doctor who was late who would be doing the procedure. There were two nurses and an anesthesiologist preparing the patient, getting him comfortable etc. And then there was me, the student asking questions.

    Dr. walks in, looks over chart and begins talking to the patient.

    Pt. not responding. Dr. yells out to Anesth. "Why did you put him under?" I haven't gotten consent yet!!!!! Anesth. says, "Well we were waiting for you and you were late!" She says, "You can't put him under without his consent!!! I'm the MD here!! For about three minutes the egos go back and forth and then I said, "Can't you get consent from the wife? She's out in the waiting room" They both looked at me and they said Ok, that's what we'll do. Not that this would have stood up in court, but it was one way to get it done.......Here they were trying to get him back from anesthesia just to get his signature - that wasn't working and taking too long....HB
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    Fresh out of school and here are 2 of my favorites:
    1) During Respiratory rotation, called into a delivery because of fear for the baby, turns out it was well founded as he needed immediate attention upon delivery. (amazing to watch Respiratory, RN and pediatrician working on the baby - he came out great). After going with baby up to OB stopped off to see my instructor (she was out) so I told my classmate about this amazing care of a baby with an Apgar of 3.......and went back to respiratory. After clinicals in our post conference, my instructor said....What was that babies Apgar again? And I said "3", she then told me that my classmate had told them I had a baby with an Apgar of 30........LOL, they laughed SO hard because she really thought I said 30!!

    2) At the end of a 12hr clinical (3rd in a row), I was talking to my instructor about a patient we were just with who had GI bleed. I asked her why blood was backing up in the IV line.....and as soon as I said it realized how DUMB that question was.....he was getting a blood transfusion and I KNEW this because I was just in the lab when they were getting the blood ready for him.........DUH DUH DUH.....the look on her face was priceless......
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    During our ECF rotation my clinical buddy and I were assigned to do neuro checks on a woman who had fallen. I gave my friend the thermometer to check temps and and turned my back for a minute to get a paper to write VS on. When I turn around I see my buddy has the probe in the patients mouth and asks me why they are 2 probes on the thermometer. Yes she had the red one in the patients mouth.
  8. by   Victoriakem
    A good way to remember how to tell the difference between an oral thermometer & a rectal one is.............
    get ready for it...................
    THE TASTE!!:chuckle
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    Quote from jannecdote
    what I think is her urethral meatus is actually her clitoris.
    A student in my class actually tried 4 or 5 times to stick a cath into some poor lady's clitoris! I kept asking her if she wanted me to hold a flashlight for her but being stubborn she refused! She hasn't lived that one down yet!

    As for mine....

    It was my last day in OB. Our instructor brought us donuts and I was all excited b/c I love them so much, so needless to say, I had them on the brain. Well, I asked my postpartum mom if she was comfortable and if I could get her anything before I left the room. She laughed and said "yeah, you got any donuts?". Since EVERY SINGLE PATIENT I have ever had *NOT exagerrating here* has asked me for food such as Mc Donald's, steak, milkshakes, etc, I just assumed she wanted a donut to eat. She had just gotten her breakfast tray and I lifted the lid and said "Hmm...what do you have on this tray?". She just looked at me blankly and said "No, a donut to sit on"! I could have died right there!!!! :imbar
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    Quote from Gompers
    Some memories from when I was in school...
    3. When I was doing my psych clinical, I was assigned to a manic depressive man and had to write a paper about him. I interviewed him one day, and he started telling me about this super-religion he was creating - he read about all religions, took all the good parts and scrapped all the bad parts, and made this wonderful non-denominational religion. My instructor was nearby and boy was she mad when she saw me nod my head and agree that it was a wonderful idea he had. That was the day I realized that I could never do psych, LOL!
    I don't understand why it's wrong to humor a psychiatric patient. It's not like he was telling you of his plan to assassinate the president or blow up the local kindergarten. Are you supposed to try to talk him out of his obsession? That sounds like a recipe for frustration on both sides. What would have been a better way to respond?
  11. by   JessicRN
    I was preceting a new grad nurse and she was giving a pt a triple H emema (hi hot and a ***of a lot) when she finished she seated the pt on a commade and...forgot to put a basin underneath. 1000 cc of fluid was on the floor coming out the door. The poor grad was devastated but we could not stop laughing.
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    Quote from Jabber964
    Anyone have any funny nursing school stories from their past?

    I had to change an IV bag and went in with my instructor to do so. My instructor always made me nervous but I was determined to remain confident and do the wasnt difficult. She proceeded to ask me what was in the bag and I told her normal saline. She told me "ok, go ahead" and stood back to watch. I proceeded to pull out the line to put it into the new bag, but didn't take it off the IV pole before doing so. I received a saline bath with the remaining fluid that was in the bag. My instructor ran to get a towel and we cleaned up the wet floor. She then asked me to step outside the room. I thought I was going to hear it. What I heard was her laughing and telling me that I had to laugh sometimes and "everyohne has a saline bath once and then it never happens again." I still don't believe her but its funny looking back now.
    One of my fellow students did the exact same thing except with a unit of blood. ehew! We laugh about it now, I can still see the look on her face. She actually pulled off the whole tab before attempting to spike the bag, the entire bottom seam ripped open and the blood just poured out. The patient was sedated which was a good thing at the time.
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    I recall as a student nurse (Hospital trained) having just finished having handover; therefore the 'sisters station' (yes a long time ago) was full of the afternoon shift and some morning shift staff. Another student nurse, looking very frustrated having been directed to apply condom drainage to Mr X, stood waiting for a lull and then exclaimed "I have done everything I can think of and I just can't get Mr X to get an erection so I can get the damn thing on!!" I remember absolute shocked silence that continued until a kindly ACN took her aside and explained a few elements of applying condom drainage. That poor girl never lived it down.