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so what are some of the abreviations used informally in your institution to describe patients. there are the old ones from Samuel Shems book "House of God" GOMER get out of my ER... Read More

  1. by   semstr

    Now there's another one: BAB means: Bussi aufs Bauchi, which means Kiss on Belly.
    used as an endearment or as a thank you among friends.
  2. by   Whisper
    SBS= should be shot
  3. by   Researchnurse
    Similar to the one before, I am told it was said by a resident going off duty after a long shift:
    "Adios Mother F_ _ _ _ _ _'s Your On Your Own"!
  4. by   LynniNurse
    well there are always the patients that are DND (damn near dead) with BFL (buzzards flying low) that are a FFC (full f***ing code) that will be OTTM (out to the morgue) as soon as they are DRT (dead right there).
  5. by   CAnurse
    working with patients that " just won't die"
    order the POF treatment...........pillow over face
  6. by   KIWIRN
    we use one similar to oznurse:

    PFO "pissed, fell over" often decribes #tib fib, tendon lacerations etc.
  7. by   night owl
    The pathologist at our facility's name was Fredrick Anglemyer so when we had pt's who were going to "check out," they were getting RFF, Ready For Freddy...
  8. by   LilgirlRN
    5w's wimpy white woman with a wet washcloth know the ones who come in all flustered, in old times I suppose they woulda had a case of the vapors. These women often have a serious Vitamin V deficiency..they 100 mg's of Vistaril IM!
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  9. by   Lucy RN
    These are hilarious!!!
    How about when a pt. sh*ts the bed- we called it a Code Brown--Yuk!
  10. by   CelticNurse
    Just hysterical this bunch of acronyms!

    In London we also use Code Brown (too regularly!).

    FLK has also been heard, closely followed by JLATM (Just look at the mother!).

    In one of my old jobs we also had two distinct categories:
    PFH and RFH - namely, Patients From Hell and, yes, you guessed it.....Rellies From Hell.

    Keep smilin' people.
  11. by   shanzah
    I worked as a labor & delivery nurse and these are just some of our non-approved abbreviations:

    FOOC - F**king out of control!

    Vitamin C - for those "mothers-to-be" on CRACK

    WWW -whiny white woman

    POD -for those with every STD known...they have had an encounter with the "penis of death"
  12. by   jayray
    SSA - Still Sucking Air
  13. by   ChristenLPN
    Oh, these are hysterical! But imagine the nurses' consternation when one hospital in town wanted to create a place to discharge ER patients to- they planned to call it the Follow Up Care Unit. Considering our love of abbreviations, nobody wanted to chart this!