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:wavey: Have you had a most embarassing moment at work or when you were in nursing school? I did. It was when I was in nursing school. I was the oldest student. Went back to school after 35 ... Read More

  1. by   tattooednursie
    OOOO I love the thank you for your condoms lol.
  2. by   sandy-toes
    Hi I'm the new kid on the site. In my first hospital job, about a hundred years ago, i was emptying the ileo bag of a very nice ca patient. The thing exploded and blew out all over the front of my clean white uniform! The poor guy was SO embarrassed, even more than I was. Thank God for scrubs!
  3. by   Dublin37
    The trick to white pants, T's? Wear beige panties/bras. White will show through too! Heather

    P.S. I found out the hard way in high school!
  4. by   canoehead
    OK, I gotta say that if you can see through your pants, that maybe a thong isn't the best choice, no matter what color it is. Yuck.
  5. by   Tilleycs
    That depends on how you look in a thong, though!
  6. by   karenG
    my most embarassing moment has to be when I was midwife. was getting ready to deliver a baby, and I asked the woman if she wanted her dad in the room while this was happening. I had made the assumption that the elderly man, with cataract glasses, two hearing aids and a walking stick was her father............she was about 24. she looked at me and said 'hes my husband!'. I just wanted to die!!!

    funniest.............working in A&E, lady brought in in a coma. was asked to undress her- but in the process of doing so, all these little white things kept falling to the floor and crawling off............she was infested with maggots the funny bit was that as soon as we realised, every single person working in a&e leapt on to a chair or desk!!!! nurses, doctors- everyone!! was so funny!! ok now I'm itching again!!!

  7. by   tattooednursie
    EWWWWWW! Maggots.
  8. by   Dublin37
    Ok, WHAT were the maggots living on?! I've got to know, that is toooooo disgusting! Heather
  9. by   karenG
    she had a large wound on her thigh- it was her whole thigh and it was just maggot infested! she ended up having the whole lot debrided-once we'd got off the chairs! she also recovered and went home- well sort of because she was homeless and living in Greenwich park! I can still see those maggots!! and its 20yrs ago!!!!!

  10. by   Care Assistant
    It was a little bit embaressing but funny. A few years ago I was doing some Community Care work and me and another Carer went to a mans house to bath him. Same as every week. I had my uniform on and was standing in the bathroom waiting for him to get ready to have the bath. He gets to the bathroom door and was just standing there looking at me. I said to him time to get in the bath. He replyed and said oh I thought you were going to get in there as well.

    I was kinda embarsessed and started to laugh he meant it as well. I still remember that.

    I think he took a liking to either me or the uniform.:chuckle

    The man has died now but I will always remember that.
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  11. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    While in nursing school, we were required to give a speech. UGH!! I absolutely hate public speaking. Get so nervous that I can hear my own pulse. However, this time I felt pretty comfortable.....until I have to say ORGANISM....kept coming out ORGASM!! (no pun intended) Don't know if my speech was informative but it sure made 'em laugh!

  12. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    Here's one I posted on an earlier thread. Still my MOST embarassing nursing moment!

    ONE of my most embarrassing moments....hmmm.....has to be during my 1st job out of school. I was 23. We had a football player from the university on the unit with a head injury. This guy always had a room full of visitors. Very well behaved, but jocks none the less. I am doing neuro checks q hr. I thought I may get to actually use the BR soon so I stick a tampon in my pocket. Ran in to get the check done b4 I peed in my pants....pulled out the tampon...couldn't figure out why my pen light wasn't working...........that is until I hear the visitors snickering. I REALLY wanted the floor to open up and swallow me!!
    *FYI for new nursing grads....tampons do NOT light up!!*
  13. by   Dublin37
    SO FUNNY!!

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