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:wavey: Have you had a most embarassing moment at work or when you were in nursing school? I did. It was when I was in nursing school. I was the oldest student. Went back to school after 35 ... Read More

  1. by   Tilleycs
    These are HILARIOUS! More! More!
  2. by   Jussurfin
    An embarrassing moment outside the clinical arena................

    It was one of those Saturday mornings when the parents sleep a little later and the kids get up 2 seconds after (or before) the sun rises. Our son, who was around 5 years old at the time, wasn't in the house when I awoke. Alarmed, I then looked out the front window and saw him riding up and down the sidewalk on his two-wheeler bike equipped with training wheels. I also noticed that his bike seemed to have "white things" all over it. Having just awoken I was somewhat bleary-eyed and could not tell what these "white things" were. I then proceeded outside for a closer look. To my shock, horror and disbelief, I quickly knew that our son had raided the "monthly supplies." From the handlebars of his bike he had tied a long string of tampons that were dangling and gently swaying back and forth like so many little pom-poms. To both fenders and chain guard he had affixed several sanitary napkins. How many? Who's counting at a time like this? I quickly told him to get in the house and I, without further ado, took the bike into the garage to "undecorate" it. His bike was already for the Fourth of July bicycle decorating contest but it wasn't remotely close to the 4th. Who knows how many people driving by had a good chuckle over this. Our son is grown now and he will never live this incident down.

    Do you know where your kids are? And what they're doing?
  3. by   FranEMTnurse
    When I was in the 7th grade, way back when there were no self-adhesive sanitary napkins; only sanitary belts, It was that certain time of month for me. Only, I didn't own a belt. I asked to go to the bathroom where I did my necessary duty.
    After I returned and sat in my seat, thinking everything was back in order, I relaxed and began listening to the teacher.
    All of a sudden, I felt something strange where I was sitting down. Knowing something was terribly wrong, I looked down to see my you know what fall on the floor. Since everyone was listening to the teacher anyway, I quickly kicked it backward where it landed next to the back wall.

    Needless to say, after class was over, I went back in the bathroom and stuffed a huge wad of toilet tissue in my underwear.
    I wonder what the janitors said when it was discovered. I surely didn't want to be associated with it.
  4. by   jnette
    It gets really crazy sometimes at "turnover" time at our dialysis clinic. Our first shift of patients are coming off the machines while the second shift of patients are all eagerly waiting to get on..the sooner they get on, the sooner they get to leave. They are all sitting in the waiting room, and as we clear a machine for them, we go out to the wating room and call them in.

    One of my elderly patients was sitting there, and she uses a walker... cannot walk without it ! (We are very rushed at this time, with so many things going on at once.. feeling like we're being pulled from all sides.)

    I picked up her bag AND her walker, and say "Hi, Mrs.------, I'm ready for you now, come on and follow me !" as I head through the door onto the floor with her walker. After a few moments I do not see her and wonder why...go back to the waiting room (STILL holding her walker) and say "Mrs.-------, are you coming?"

    She laughs and says "yeah.. just as soon as you give me my legs back !" :imbar
  5. by   FranEMTnurse
    :chuckle Good one Jnette. I wonder what she thought you were going to do with it. Poor lady. :roll by the way, I love your bike.
  6. by   HoJo
    Ok this happened last year. I was working at an acute care hospital that has a wide variety of pts. Well every MWF of course is dialysis day and the hospital had the dialysis done in the patient's room with portable dialysis machines. Well at the end of the dialysis run the dialysis nurses have to push the machines up this hallway with a slight incline to it so its pretty heavy pushing, not much but if you know how heavy a dialysis machine is then you know what I mean.

    Well the dialysis manager is pushing this machine up the hill by herself as all her dialysis help had left for the day (late run), so being the nice guy I am I help her out and we start rollin up the hallway well about half way up the hall there is a track on the floor for the doors. Well the machine starts spinning around, hits the track and BOOM!! the whole dialysis machine goes crashing onto its side!! Well we are both ok and we suspect no one saw us so we just reflexively start trying to get this machine up on our own (no idea why didn't get help) well it isn't over next thing I know the wheels let go and the dialysis machine falls again. But this time its on top of ME!! We then asked for help and got the darn thing sitting up right.

    Aren't dialysis machines running about $250,000 to $500,000 nowadays?

    You guys should have seen the look on our Quality Assurance manager when I told him about the incident, his jaw dropped to the floor and he told me to do an incident report :roll
  7. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Originally posted by Jay-Jay
    Here's mine, from an old, old thread on this board:

    Most embarrassing moment as a student Post #1 ...

    The next time I came on duty, I was greatly relieved to find that the patient was recovering nicely, and had been discharged to a nursing home.
    Had to laugh so hard at your story! The end of it was precious, because what choice did the poor lady have? She transferred out of self defense!

    HA HA HA!

    My story: I'm a nursing student in 1980. At a Catholic nursing school. My job: catheterize a male patient. My instructor: the SWEETEST nun you have ever seen with a smile that would melt the coldest heart and the eyes of God Himself!

    Pull back the cover and VOILA! Ah, how do I say this, I did not need to straighten the member the least little bit!

    We... ah..... decided to try again later...
  8. by   nograd
    Originally posted by Jussurfin

    To my shock, horror and disbelief, I quickly knew that our son had raided the "monthly supplies." From the handlebars of his bike he had tied a long string of tampons that were dangling and gently swaying back and forth like so many little pom-poms.
    Do you know where your kids are? And what they're doing? [/B]


    Thanks!!! I really needed a good funny. I too have a five year old son and boy they can be up to no good from time to time....

    I have two...

    My own happend earlier this year when I was on Oncology during a clinical rotation....Not as funny as the others, but kinda gross and very embarissing for me (type A perfectionist type). I had a patient who had some sort of foot infection and had some prescription cream to be massaged in between his toes every shift, so here I go in and his wife, sister and friend are in there talking with him during his I start to chit-chat with them not paying attention to what I am doing, ask if it's ok with the pt. if I go ahead and put on his foot cream, still talking with the pt and his family start going ahead and massaging it really good in between his toes...the sister then asks "shouldn't you wear gloves while doing that, I heard that it (the infection) is contagious?" OMG :uhoh21: I wasn't wearing gloves and I HATE FEET (EWWWWWW) so I made up some BS about the cream would eat through the gloves anyways....*****???...she just smiled and kept I rushed out of there fast and really scrubbed my hands, totally discusting!!!!

    Other one...
    Working in L&D, had a patient in a really nasty decel...and well one way to help correct this is to give a bolus of fluids, RN had D5LR hanging, and had to switch to LR to do the bolus....well HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY>>> Hang the LR go to switch the tubing over and not noticing that the D5 still had maby 800cc in it (STILL HANGING), pulled the tubing from the D5 looking up mouth open and got a bolus of D5 strait into my open dumb mouth....very salty!!! Felt like an a$$. Patient and family and OB are all looking at me fight to get it down...sulked out of that room soaking wet to a station filled with family and nurses looking at me...didn't live that one down for a while, the nurses kept asking me to hang new bags for them for weeks....

    Keep em comming....
  9. by   Dublin37
    Oh my gosh, these are soooo funny!

    Number 1 : Okay, on the line with the kotex etc. supplies: While I was in college, we had a guy friend who was VERY conservative and easy to blush in our christian club. I don't remember how I talked my other girl friends to help me, but we covered his little old beat up car with stick on kotex, and hung tampons from every handle, knob and antenna. And...we didn't stop there. We got ketchup packets and "colored" each and every one of them! We were laughing so hard that most of us peed!

    Number 2: Speaking of quiet, and toxic omissions: I was about 8 months pregnant, and not doing very well at holding it in. I was teaching 8th grade, and could usu go off to a deserted corner, because they were never quiet, though usu not too toxic. On this particular occasion, I was sitting at my desk (usu safe) when a student came up for help. As she was leaning over my desk next to me....well yes, too noisy to ignore! All I could do was excuse myself and continue, but boy was I RED!!:imbar Heather
  10. by   Tilleycs
    LOL! That is funny!

    I can't go into too many specifics, but I have one that happened LAST WEEK (usually when I see a "What is your most embarrassing moment?" thread, I can only think of one, and it is such a long story, I doubt it would be very funny by the time I finished typing/explaining it. But now I have one.). I typed an e-mail to my girlfriend, and clicked the "Send" button in my e-mail program, laughing at the way I'd worded a few things.

    I got an e-mail back a few minutes later from a recruiter at my contract agency (I'm a contractor in the computer field, taking continuing ed classes, possible career switch in the future) that said, "Uh, I think you meant to send this to your girlfriend...but thanks for the laugh!"

    I was mortified. I sent a PERSONAL e-mail (complete with references to the previous, "activities") to the wrong person! I wanted to DIE. I turned DEEP red and started sweating. All I could say was, "Oh ****!":imbar:imbar

    I told my girlfriend about it over supper that night, and she DIED laughing (I sent the original e-mail to her after I'd gotten the reply from the recruiter). I was SO embarrassed.

    ***Oh, and one more I just thought of. My first week on a contract a few years ago, someone from HR sent out an e-mail to everyone in the company, saying (I'll use generic names), "Jim will be acting for Sandy while she is out this week." I envisioned him up on a stage, acting like her (she was quite a character), so I wrote back, "Will he be acting LIKE her???" to the HR person (who I'd gotten to know while I was filling out my first-day forms).

    Can you guess what happened? I didn't send it to just her, I sent it to the ENTIRE company. :imbar It was the first week of my job. Literally. Boy, you should have SEEN some of the replies I got! That was how I knew I'd sent it to the entire company. Let's just say, some people (and almost no one knew me there, because I'd just started) failed to see the humor in it. Ouch!
  11. by   Momto3RN
    I was in charge of one of my church's women's meetings and near its conclusion, I was standing up front to make some final announcements.

    I originally intended to say,"Thank you for your comments" but somehow ended up saying, "Thank you for your condoms!"

    Where THAT came from, I have NO IDEA!!:imbar :imbar
  12. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Originally posted by Waggy

    "Thank you for your condoms!"
  13. by   tattooednursie
    I got 1 more to add!

    All of these Just happened TONIGHT!!!!

    Before my shift began there was a CNA meeting. Most of the CNA's that work with me regularly were present also. The CNA's were volunteering to demonstrate certain things. I volunteered to demonstrate a restraintt for a patient to a wheelchair. One aide vollunteered to sit in the chair, while I tied her in. My back was to the rest of the CNA's that were there. I was having a hard enough time tieing it with everyone watching me, but every time I crouched down to tie it the group would start laughing. I was wondering why everyone was laughing. I heard some one whisper, "I see her underpants!"
    Then it accured to me. Stupid me, I wore a BLACK thong with WHITE scrubs. These are the cheap kind of scrub pants that you can see right through them while bent over! Then it also occured to me that I DON"T WEAR WHITE UNDIES EVER! and I wear those pants all the time. I am uncomfortable in granny panties, and I have not yet found a white thong. I cannot wear underpants that have a butt in them because they drive me nuts creeping up the rear. Thongs are already there up the rear, so i don't have to worry about it. I do have white underpants, but they are granny panties, and I WILL NOT WEAR THEM! So there for, everyone has been seeing my butt clearly whenever I wear white scrub pants!!!! GEEEEZ and my tidy whity pants are my favorites too!

    Sorry, I guess this was an embarassing moment/vent of underpants.