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  1. by   RENTANURSE
    My son & daughter are both quite self sufficient...
    My son cut his finger to the bone washing dishes at work and was too embarassed to go to the ER for yet another work related injury Sooo, he did a rolling blanket stitch after pouring peroxide and alcohol (rubbing) over it when he got home. It looks great!!!! However he did complain it took a while getting the stitches out and felt "wierd"...DUH!
    Our daughter had a run-in with a snippy nurse in the VA. It seems the nurse gave her a Lovenos injection into her bellybutton! Katrina informed her SQs were NEVER to be given in muscle and got the MD to write the order she could selfadminister her Lovenox. She called from her hospital bed to ask me about proper technique and, (unbeknownst to me) I talked her thru her 1st shot.
    I have some special kids ... strange, but special!
  2. by   Catsrule16
    Talk about being critical of tv programs ... Last night while watching Big Brother 2, I couldn't stop looking at the neck of the young lady that was evicted. She had a bulge that looked like an enlarged thyroid. Then I started looking at her eyes looking for them to be protruding ... Sure enough, they were. Wanted to send CBS an email telling her to get it checked... Had to stop watching.
  3. by   Squeeta2
    I have three boys, they know not to call me at certain times during the day ie: med pass, trays .. They will also tell ME I have to hang up if they can hear one of the Vents alarming in the background.
    My oldest son, 17, once called me to tell me that Bryan (middle child) had cut his foot while jumping from the barn roof into our swimming pool. I asked if it was bleeding badly..he hesitated & then said not really & don't worry about the carpet he is sitting outside on the porch. I didn't hear any screaming in the background so I told him that I would call him back after I finished my med pass, he said that was fine. Five mins later I get another call asking if I've left yet! The other nurse on duty said no why? He says I really need to come home...I get back on the phone more than a little irritated at having been interrupted twice now.. I say to him "I thought there wasn't that much blood?!" His reply? Only when he lets go of his toes, when they hang they bleed alot.
    My coworker did triage while I drove home to find my driveway completely blocked my the nieghborhood childrens bikes who had come to stare at his mangled foot. After asking my oldest to hose off the porch & going to the bathroom, I drove him to the ER where the PA took one look at his foot & vomited all over herself & the floor! They promptly took him into the OR to reattach his first three toes, as we are walking down the corridor my boy starts laughing & says "aren't you glad your not working here tonight Mom? Man did she hurl!" LMAO
    My fav responses? Is there blood? How much? (Although my oldest & I have had a discussion on this topic!) When did you last have a BM? Drink some fluids, And here is my all time, most common response..Do I look like I'm on duty?!
  4. by   KelliSipe
    My husband has great veins too, he even let me practice on him and a few friends when I was taking a phlebotomy class. He drew the line at inserting a Foley for practice though!! (I hadn't done one in awhile)
  5. by   debbyed
    When my youngest son was 12 he called me at work (Emergency Room) and told me he had fallen off his bike. I asked him almost all the right questions. He could walk, he could talk and all the bleeding areas had more or less stopped on their own. Of course I told him to take a Tylenol and go to bed. When I got home I looked in on him and he appeared to be resting confortably so I curled up on the sofa.

    So are you wondering what I forgot to ask. I didn't ask if all his body parts looked the way they are supposed to. When he got up one look told me he had a radial/ulna fracture. You Know... that little hump that reminds you of a camel.

    I really felt bad for quite a while after that. During this same time my brother lived with us. He was dating my best friend who was a CNA and my husband was also a CNA. My son was used to the dinner room conversation because his dad is a CCU nurse. When ever we would all be off together we ate together and you know where the conversation would always go. My poor brother (he's kind of a wimp) would always end up either leaving or telling us to shut-up. We just couldn't help it. We had an ER Nurse, a CCU nurse, a CNA from a nursing home and a CNA from a psyc. unit. What else were we going to talk about???
  6. by   Kyshine1
    :d :d :d

    these threads are sooooo funny. i love reading them because i find out that all nurses react the same way to so many things.

    my daughter and her husband are nurses. when we go out to dinner with them my husband tries to prepare himself for the worst. we're always telling gory stories and my husband acts like he's going to gag.....and has!!

    what a great forum this is!
  7. by   Cynderfella
    I love this stuff! My kids are grown, so it's just me, my husband and the cat now. To help out my husband took over cleaning the kitty litter box. But I still insist on a "shift report"! Did he have a BM today? I will have to admit he is very good at shift report, accurate and only what I need to know. LOL.
  8. by   Goofball
    Originally posted by nightingale1991
    A good friend of mine's husband was always badgering me for stories from "the front line of nursing". One day I told him about a young woman who came in to our OB unit with a wicked case of genital warts. He was unsure of what these warts looked like, so I told him they resembled cauliflower florets. My friend has since told me that he can not even look at a head of cauliflower without gagging. Needless to say he never asks me to share anymore work stories.
    This is too funny.
    Oh yeh, we nurses do love to describe or relate everything to food. Wonder why?
  9. by   Goofball
    One time I came home after a 12-hour shift, and my son (then 18) was sort of whining about a stomach ache he'd had all day. He was so vague about it, and didn't have a temp, I was just half ignoring him and getting ready to take a shower and go to bed. I'd been taking care of whineybutt pts. all day, and had little sympathy left. But something about his statement "I'd feel better if I could just have a BM" (how many times have you heard that one, right before a pt. coded and died!) got my attention. I took him to ER, still wondering if I was being stupid about it.
    Turned out he needed an emergency appendectomy! It took several hours to do, and the surgeon said it had been so bloated and angry-looking, and entangled with bowel, it was a very difficult surgery, and he was surprised it hadn't ruptured already.
  10. by   Mitzi-RN
    Lol, this is all too familiar... When dating my fiance, I would often fondly look at his veins and under my breath utter "I could hit that across the room" After being together for a while, he was in the hospital having to get an IV started, and after many attempts, my fiance said.. "Can my fiance just start it for you?" Made me feel good.
    Another short one...I had a car wreck a few years back. I rear ended a woman and her approx 12 year old child. I immediately got out of the car, and went to check them out. Asking, are you bleeding, did you hit your head, is anyone hurt? The woman replied no, but where did all that blood come from? I looked down only to find myself covered with blood, and glass hanging out of my hand. I asked her if she had anything to stop the bleeding, sanitary napkins or anything...she didn't, so I told her to tell the police I would be right back. I went to the nearest restaurant and pulled all the glass fragments out, cleansed it with soap and water, and stopped all the bleeding. I came back and noticed my hand had went through the windshield, and I didn't even realize it. When the ambulance got there, I told them I was fine, and to go on because I had bandaged everything myself. Should have seen their faces!! Just leave it to a nurse to self diagnose and treat themselves!!
  11. by   RNforLongTime
    Since I now work at a hospital that doesn't have an IV team, I find myself looking at people's veins and thinking, now I know I could get a 20 gauge in there. It drives my husband nuts cause I am constantly palpating his very large hand veins with my finger tips saying "what nice veins you have". He STILL won't let me practice on him! LOL

  12. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I've been known to take blood to work in my pocket... My son has had a liver transplant and whenever his LFTs are a little out of whack (or his poop is too pale!), Mommy just draws a little red stuff before she leaves for work. Saves having to haul him down to the lab! Both my daughters, adults now, have had such bad experiences with lab personnel that they ask me to go with them to appointments just so I can do the blood work! "Could my mom give me my Td booster?" I've treated second degree burns (look Ma, no scar!!), scalp lacs, mild concussions, broken toes and a nasty dog bite that went clear through the fingernail, all without turning a hair. I've d/c'd sutures from the dog post spaying... why pay the vet a bunch of money for something I can do myself! My husband is a Type H (for HOSTILE ) personality; he flies off the handle over the most trivial of things. Plus he's a tad overweight and gets no exercise... I've learned to ignore his OSA, since he refuses to see his doc about it, and I don't keep track of his anti-HTN meds anymore either. I just remind him, "Dear, when you have your stroke, I'll come visit you in the nursing home!" He doesn't get it. As for TV shows and movies, he used to refuse to watch withme, until I started complaining about his running commentary in every war movie we've ever seen. He has got to stop calling me to ask me if I know What's-her-name who works in L&D... along with 65 other people...
  13. by   Serani
    Sad but true, can anyone identify with this:

    Partner and I having a romantic evening in - things progress - oops - just realised I was performing a quick testicular check while in the vicinity. Nothing like a mood spoiler.