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:D I worked in a hospital clinic years ago, and grabbed the next patients chart to come back. I went out in the Lobby, looked at the name and said..."Holy Makeral"... Read More

  1. by   Jay Levan
    Just came across this one yesterday. CEO of large Corporation;
    "Barrett Tone" Had a High School Principal who's
    name is "Sunny Day"
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  2. by   RNKitty
    My nephrologist is Sarvish Thakur, but he goes by "Smiley", both privately and professionally.
  3. by   Cubby
    My husbands last name is Wolfe. When his oldest son was born he and his wife (not me) thought it was going to be twins, so the smart alecs came out of the woodwork. Two of the suggestions were Rommelus and Remus (raised by wolves) or Peter and Andy
    (Peter Andy Wolfe) Strange folks!!
  4. by   tariet
    This is too funny!! I work in the OR and we have an orthopedic doctor named Dr. Hand who specializes in......... you guessed it, hand surgery! We also have a doc named Dr. Sugar (no kidding) and boy is he a sweetheart!!!
  5. by   Irish Lass
    Over the years I have seen some great names.
    These 2 are my favorites:

    Pajama (last a is a long a sound)
    Shithead pronounced phonetically Shith eed
  6. by   Todd McEwan
    I work in a hospital with a geriatrician named Dr Death (pronounced Deeth)

  7. by   donmurray
    How about a psychiatrist called Dr. Scull
  8. by   KIWIRN
    Did a management class with a Fairlee Young
    A patient called Dwayne Pipe (and he was a plumber)!
    then i came across a patients daughter her name was Malena poor kid!
  9. by   semstr
    My husband had a chief a few years ago, his name was Gayle.

    Well, in German this means: horny!!
  10. by   breanna
    Radnurse: I went to school with a Penny Nichols!

    There is a urologist in Hollywood, FL named Dr, Richard Finder. Yes, Richard does go by the name "Dick!"
  11. by   LilgirlRN
    Had a patient recently named Bonnie Beaver
    Work with Dr. Richard (Dick) Cox
    Had a patient once named Cathedral Rotundra (Cathy) and yes she was obese
  12. by   rdhdnrs
    In L&D I took care of a woman having a baby. The mom's name was Baby Girl Taylor, then she ended up having a baby girl. You can imagine the confusion in the lab--"Uh, we don't do type and screens on admission on babies"-"No, that's the mom"-"It says Baby Girl"-and so forth. I'll never forget her.
    Also a girl named Vagina-rhymes with Regina.
  13. by   ryaninmtv
    My sister had a friend in college named Chrystal Shanda Lear.

    I'm sure there's some therapy involved in that one now.