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  1. by   kcasey
    And my childhood doctor was Dr. Doopie. I am older now, but everytime my mom happens to tell a story from way back when..about Dr. Doopie, I still giggle and she doesn't see the humor in it!
  2. by   Goofball
    Originally posted by MARYE
    We have a Dr. Brokenback - orthopedics.
    No! this one is too much. HA! Do you think the
    guy did a legal name change, just to match
    his specialty?
  3. by   misti_z
    Dr. Foley, Nephrologist. Seriously!!!!
  4. by   etok89
    Here in Vancouver canada my director of care name was Mrs Coffine
  5. by   ERnursie
    I went to an othopedic md named Dr Pecker. It also was good to hear over the intercom at work.
  6. by   Zee_RN
    There's a gastroenterologist at my hospital named Dr. Ayasso (pronounced I-ass-o). And the first time I heard the radiologist paged I thought it was code name : Dr. Ilyas (pronounced ileus).
    Oh, and Dr. Ayasso's partner is Dr. Ennis (pronounced a little too close to 'anus' for comfort). BTW, they are great GI guys.
  7. by   Y2KRN

    I am a nurse with one of those funny last names, I am nurse Grim, and yes I have had patients comment on the name, the funniest one though was about a month and half after I started working, a patient called out as soon as I got out of report and the nurse who had him previous to me said that she had been stuggling with him all day, well I get in there and he said I have air in my IV tubing! I looked at it and told him I was going to get the air out. He started getting very anxious and said no lie "God $%^& I knew that other nurse didn't like me but, I never thought she would send the grim reaper nurse in here to kill me!!!" I still die with that one. He was as serious as a heart attack, I had to leave the room and get my supervisor to fix his IV line because I couldn't stop laughing. LOL

  8. by   radnurse2001
    OK! OK!~ my favourite famous name---Dick Trickle
    My favourite physicians name Richard Head
    My favourite physician office sign.. Dr. SOnSO (can't remember the name) Proctologist---Parking in rear
    These are honest to God sightings from Greenville S.C. to Erie P.A.
    Also love Barium Springs
  9. by   mgthompson
    My childhood dentist was Dr. Fillmore, and at the hospital I was at as an EMT we had 2 ER docs named Dr. Holmes & Dr. Watson
  10. by   rn500
    Not medical, but...

    My husband once had a teacher named Harry Balls!
  11. by   Goofball
    Harry Balls???!!!!I'm either really tired right now, or this one is just hilarious!
  12. by   TLCRN
    I know a MD who is a general surgeon (and a good one at that) whose last name is Kill. Can you imagine him coming into your room and introducing himself " Hi, I'm Dr. Kill and I will be doing your surgery today." We gave him such a hard time about that, but he is an excellent surgeon and a great guy too.
  13. by   Mitzi-RN
    I recently had 2 patients with peculiar was Dick Trickle, and the other one was P. Tinkle... I only used the last names when addressing them to avoid laughing my butt off!!