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How about a list of wierd excuses for not coming to work? My favorite: I can't come in today, I'm having vision problems. I just don't see myself working. Kevin... Read More

  1. by   sarahbellum
    I am a nursing student, another student actually told our instructor she was too "tired" to come to clinicals!

    (This was after many frantic attempts had been made to call her since she did not call in or show up)
  2. by   lindseylpn
    I had a CNA call in because she did not want to drive her new car in the rain.

    I once had to call in to work because I had just left work. I had already worked an 16 hour shift because my relief had called in, when they finally found someone to relieve me. I left work at 4p and was scheduled to come back at 8p. I live almost an hour away, so when I got home, I called in.

    I was also once late coming back from a lunch break because, I got locked in a bathroom stall. I tried for about 15 min to get the door open but, couldn't and the space at the bottom of the door was too small to climb under. I finally had to stand on the toilet and climb over the top of the stall to another stall to get out. This was very hard to do.
  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    "I let my dog outside to use the bathroom and when he came back in he has blood all over his rear so I have to take him to the vet immediately."

    Used by me.

    It was the truth.
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    Quote from P_RN
    I had a nursing tech call in with a "family emergency." Her mother in law bought a new newspaper box and was afraid if she didn't get it put up she wouldn't get her morning paper. When I told her that really didn't sound like an emergency she said "family is family and I'm not coming in."
    OMG...I think "stupid" should be a legal catagory to fire someone over!
  5. by   OpusNurse
    [quote=prmenrs]We had a nurse who was starting to breed showdogs. When her 1st was getting close to term, her husband called to say he thought the dog was starting to labor. She announced to all present that if things started to happen w/the dog, she would have to leave. Everyone just stopped and looked @ her. She said she "meant it!"

    She should take a lesson from our former receptionist.
    When her dog was ready to have her puppies, she just brought her to work with her. Dog stayed in the car and we all took turns running out to check on her. 4 healthy puppies! Everyone had a good day at work because of it.
    Amazing what therapy a newborn puppies can bring to some crotchety ol' nurses!!
  6. by   jennyfyre
    I once had a co-worker call in because she had her hair dyed, but it was the absolute wrong color... (gasp)... so she was going to another salon to have it fixed.
  7. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]bob called in hung over several times. then one day we got a call from the state patrol about 30 minutes before bob's shift started. he'd been pulled over for "driving erratically" and flunked his sobriety test. the helpful trooper wanted us to know that bob wouldn't be coming to work because he was going to jail. bob served six months, and two hours before the start of each of his scheduled shifts, the charge nurse (that would be me) had to call the jail and ask that bob be released to come to work in the icu. then his mother or his wife would pick him up and jail, sign him out and drive him to work. when he left work, we had to call the jail and tell them that bob was on his way. he had two more stays in jail while i worked at that hospital, and frankly i liked him best when he was commuting from jail. he was always willing to work overtime and never seemed impaired!
  8. by   Victoriakem
    "I have projectile vomiting & explosive diarrhea,but I'll come in if you REALLY need me!"
    No thanks. Stay home. Do us all a favor.
  9. by   meannana
    Had a CNA call in one hour before her shift to say she didn't have a babysitter, guess what she didn't have a baby either.
  10. by   lpnstudentin2010
    not nursing but I had to call in to work 20 mins before my shift once because i had broken down...the thing is i had called in exactly one week earlier because i was sick. when i called my boss though i was crying my eyes out because i felt so bad. she said not to worry and to call her when the tow truck left so that she knew that i was ok. by the way the week before i was feeling sick but i went to school anyway. it is just that i work in daycare and kids get sick easily. She came to the main campus and saw me there. didnt say anything but i think she was skeptical. My mom wouldnt let me stay home from school and as i commute and live with my mom i have no choice but to obey her.
  11. by   Delsie
    i am not sick but calling in sick
  12. by   ElvishDNP
    I still love the one about "I'm having vision problems...I just can't see myself coming to work today." That is kind of smart-aleck & I don't have the nerve to try it, but it is funny.
  13. by   muffie
    the national lotto in canada today is $ 25 000,000
    i would love to phone in and say " i'm calling i rich ! "