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I know everyone has had a red face moment. Usually happens at beginning of our career.You would think after 23 yrs (length of experience when this occurance happened) nothing would turn you red... Read More

  1. by   BBFRN
    About six months ago, I had a male patient that would do things to get the nurses to go into his room- he was AAOx3, but he would take his (Bucks) traction off, drop things on the floor, etc., then he would flirt with the nurse and ask her to staqy the night in his room. Well, one night he actually pulled his Foley out. A Tech (who had more experience with him than I had) and I went in to re-cath him. When I pulled the sheet down to insert the catheter, there was the biggest, um, "member" I had ever seen! As a matter of fact, it was so large that I thought he had an erection. I stated with disbelief, "I can't BELIEVE that you are this happy with getting a catheter! What is wrong with you??!!!" I almost flicked him! And he just laid there with a "What the heck is your problem, lady?" look on his face. Much to my surprise, and to the obvious glee of the Tech, when I grasped his penis to insert the Foley, I realized it was soft. I was so embarrassed! But, what was I going to do, apologize for thinking he was erect because his penis was so large? All I could do was put the cath in and run out of the room as fast as I could! The Tech almost peed on herself laughing at me, and I have never forgotten that patient...lol.
  2. by   Darlene K.
    That is too funny!
  3. by   ShelleyERgirl
    :roll :roll :roll

    I laughed my freakin ass off! OMG, I can just picture the erection er... I mean reaction!

  4. by   rebel_red
    I'm a CNA now, but at one time I was the Activity Director for a sub acute snf located in a hospital. Well ya'll know how perky we AD's can be......The unit wasn't open yet and we were getting ready for survey for liscencing... (AD's have to announce activities prior to their start.) We have no residents, its just staff getting everything prepped so I decide to give everyone a few giggles and said "Good Afternoon everyone today is March 10, 1992. Our next activity will be Happy Hour. Physical therapy has agreed to host this in their "hot tubs". Drinks will be served and the men from maintenance have agreed to model the latest in speedos. Hope to see you there.' Umm I turn around and my boss, our medical director and the rest of the staff are staring at me speechless. Needless to say it wasn't a closed PA system.....(it was supposed to be for our unit only) yeppers went through the entire hospital......I never lived that down...though I did get a few dates.....oh and a phone call from our CEO....

    still perky
  5. by   sunnygirl272
    lmao!! that is awesome, rebel red!!!
    I was sitting at the desk one night had just completed rounding with one of the cardiologists... fairly new Dr, but sweet as can be and tiny as a fart I tell ya.... well the doorbell went off(thats our code button) and telemetry called with the room number I shot out of the chair I was in and took off running the Dr right behind me.... Im my most hippo moment my left clog caught the floor just right and down I went , I was up again and running down the hall barely missed a beat. When I got to the room we worked the code and transported the patient to ICU and started back on the paperwork .... the Dr stayed in ICU to monitor the patient , I get a phone call from the ICU supervisor who is a huge buddy of mine and she is laughing so hard I can barely understand her words.... The Dr had discribed the bolt action that I had on leaving the chair and how I fell right on the floor and he was running behind me because he wasnt sure where the code was but he was sure I would know where to go.. and then I fell, he said he was so close to me that I took off running as he hit the floor behind me and he grabbed my behind to break his fall... I had no idea the man even fell much less touch my butt... He said he was so embarrassed by the fact that he had just accidently fondled a nurse but then again he hardly knew which made it worse and he couldnt apologize to me because of the work that had to be done to the patient and he was too embarrassed to speak to me..... I busted out laughing ..... its a shame he was a cutie lol I could have worked that for months lol ... He came up to finish his charting and I told him that I appreciated the thought but you know at times like that Im more excited about working on a patient than I am about working on a Dr , he turned beet red.... and he laughed and I laughed and I miss working with him... he was one Dr that would run like a champion going to a code , it didnt matter which patient or who what when or how... He loved being a Dr.
  7. by   RED_ALERT37
    As a new grad I started on the Step Down Unit (cardiac telemetry) and we had a tele tech that sat at the monitors.... One day we were all in rooms busy as usuall, when all of a sudden we hear Vtach in room 201.... and then a code blue was called over head.....

    201 was my patient a young 32 year old with clean arteries.... I went running into the room followed by SEVERAL others to find him and his girl friend ( well ummmm errrrrrrr... you can fill in the act ) Needless to say the rest of the day I was known as the LOVE GODDESS of 201......:kiss
  8. by   Chiaramonte
    How about this...while working one night in the ER, walked into the nurses' bathroom to take one of those rare quick bladder breaks...swung open the ajar, unlocked door to find our MD urinating in the toilet...he swung around to see who had invaded his space and never stopped his stream...I quickly wound up backing out wearing his urine on my scrub pants...had to finish up working with him for the night and we never spoke about it or the fact he never should have been in there in the first place... or at least shut and locked the door behind him! (also had to find some miss matched dry scrub pants from OR)
  9. by   BBFRN
    OMG!!! That's hilarious!!! We're used to Dr's sh***ing on us all the time, but to have one pee on you!
  10. by   zudy
    This didn't hapen to me, but to my sister who is also a nurse.(Sorry,Sis!) She was working in a PACU, and to get to the locker room where they changed into scrubs, you had to walk the entire length of the unit. She was driving to work one day wearing a one piece knit dress , and discovered she had put it on inside out. she knew if everyone saw her wearing her dress inside out she would be teased all day, so when she got to the hospital, she slipped into a stairwell, pulled it off, and put it on right side out. A little later she mentioned to a friend about what she did,who replied,"Don't you know security keeps hidden cameras in all the stairways?" After thinking about it for awhile, my sister decided to call security to check it out. She called, and in her best "I am the professional" voice, identified herself, but before she could say anything else, the security guard said"Hey, Liz, and may I say YOu are really lookin' MIGHTY FINE today!":imbar She asked for the tape, and he told her he would give her one of the copies!! He was just kidding, but he loved it when I called and asked for a copy for the next family reunion!
  11. by   imenid37
    after a lecture on how to look and dress professionally by our very prissy nursing instructor we had a break. she emerged from the bathroom w/ her skirt tucked in her panty hose, but no one wanted to tell her and emabarrass her.

    i called a ped in one night from his home for a STAT c/section which was only STAT because the ob wanted to get back to his bimbo girlfriend asap. the ped came in and was furious because he had run out of his house for this STAT which really wasn't and backed into his wife's car. of course, he yelled at the nurses and not the ob dr. after the c/s i knocked on the locker room door and he said come in. so i did. well he didn't have anything on but half pulled down underpants (the hairy butt was showin').

    why the hell are you in here? he asked.

    well you told me to come in, i said turning around.

    you should know what i mean. i don't want to talk to you now. he said. i am so mad about my wife's car (or something to that effect), what the hell do you want any way?

    oh dr so and so your wife is on the phone. i said.

    oh shyt!!! he said. just tell her i am not here anymore. i have got to go have a drink or something before i go home she is going to KILL ME!!!

    his wife was pretty upset on th phone. turned out she didn't know about the car, but a kooky neighbour who had been known for doing this before was peeping in her window when she woke up and she had called the police. (though i did not know that when she called.)
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  12. by   clarinetto

    One of the most embarrasing moments that I remember, it was when for the first time I shaved a man genital area. He Was a 66 years old man and din't want to streap his pants. I was very embarrased too because he was very hairy and had a very big and hanging testicles. I shaved he pube but when begin to shave his penis and his scrotum he had an erection. I say only that I could go from the room for a moment come when he will be ready again but we began to talk about many things and then all was normally.
  13. by   VioletX
    Yesterday I was in one of my patients room for about 15 minutes talking so I decided it was time for me to go tend to my other patients. When I was leaving I was trying to say something like "ok, well I'll leave you alone to rest" but what actually came out of my mouth was "ok, well, I'll let you rest in peace". I almost died (no pun intended) when I realized what I said. The patient replied "I really hope you didn't mean that". LOL