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I have heard some of the craziest things nurses have done out of force of habit in the "Real World". Aka out of the hospital. I've heard that some sign their checks with first initial, last name... Read More

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    Vein stalker, random pulse checker, "RN" signer, "4west, this is" home phone answerer, Wal-Mart diagnostician, TV-show CPR critic, neurotic documenter, five-star first aid kit technician, phantom vent alarm searcher . . . . yep, all guilty as charged.

    12 yrs of nursing has taught me many things, the most important being I don't know everything but I can always learn. The second is that you are always a nurse no matter where you are or what you are doing. Thanks to all those who proudly wear the mantle of Nurse.
  2. by   elmoRN
    Every time I leave a room I reach my hand up to get hand sanitizer...even though there isn't usually any there...I've jammed a few fingers doing it actually.
    My husband is constantly creeped out because I just stare at his veins, and I palpate them constantly. I also sign my name with my first initial, Last name, RN on checks and stuff.
    I am always putting pens into invisible pockets because I think I am still wearing a scrub top, and I do the pat down to figure out where I have put things even though I am wearing street clothes.
    I knock on every door before I open it...even the closet door.
    I answer my phone with my hospital greeting sometimes.
    I tried to elevate the head of my bed when my husband was sick and couldn't breath well.
  3. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I'm guessing the vein thing isn't so unusual after all, to non medical people anyway. I. Notice the veins in everyone, before even their face. On tv also. I have been seeing a lot of shows lately with big forehead veins and will say " I wonder if I could get an IV in that sucker."

    Today I finally answered my phone wrong saying "peds this is Vida" and I get so mad watching anything medical anymore but still watch, I annoy my family by saying all the things wrong. In fact it's watching these shows I feel super smart.
  4. by   Poi Dog
    The open end of the pillowcase faces away from the door.

    I miter my bed sheets.
  5. by   sharpeimom
    Quote from poi dog

    i miter my bed sheets.
    doesn't everyone?

    except mt husband, that is.

    i feel as though i've shown him at least 1,000,001 times -- at a bare minimum...
  6. by   tucker144
    Give a little pat on the butt, not ment to be a perve just a habit, and only to women ive known awhile.
  7. by   StarryEyed, RN
    Quote from sharpeimom
    doesn't everyone?

    except mt husband, that is.

    i feel as though i've shown him at least 1,000,001 times -- at a bare minimum...
    i truly and honestly thought my entire life that that is just the way everyone makes their bed (except when ppl got lazy). even my ex bf's sheets were mitered, but looking back, both their mother's were rn's. my mom is an rn. my current bf doesnt and i thought that was so odd but thought maybe he just didnt want to take the time. then i was in nursing school and was shocked that no one in my class knew how to and had theee hardest time trying to learn how to do it.
  8. by   CUMCrn
    I check everyone's arms for places to start IVs, I have actually asked my friends for name and birthday before giving them advil out of habbit, If I see someone fall I sigh thinking I have to start fall charting, hear a high pitch noise and go running for a bed alarm, see people in public with their hands shaking and are sweating and think should I give oral or IV ativan, sign my name with RN. I actually hit my head one night and made my friend give me a neuro check. When I meet new people I have caught myself saying hi I am CUMCrn and I will be your nurse tonight...
  9. by   tucker144
    Depnding on were you are it could be a good thing to someone if you walked up and said (Hi Iam CUMCrn) and I will be your nurse 2night. As to the others thats funny because I catch myself all the time Assessing people out in the real world. Keep it up you never know when you actually might have to do your job out there. Stay nursin CUMC.
  10. by   Poi Dog
    I have a habit of announcing every little thing that I am going to do. I do that with my residents and it is now ingrained in me.
  11. by   Lynx25
    I was woken up yesterday around 3 AM by the boyfriend fussing at me.

    Apparently I was feeling for a vein in my sleep.
  12. by   khammond0005
    "Pat down" myself in public
    Check out veins (not feeling so stange for that anymore )
    Signed RN on checks and kids homework
    Automatically hit the sanitizer anywhere
    Tried to scan my hospital badge to enter the bathroom
    Knock before entering doors at home, sometimes I even include, "its your nurse"
    After working 3 in a row, being off 1 , and working 2 more I got out of bed and automatically picked out my scrubs for the day...then realized it was my day off.
    I attended a local concert; when the lights dimmed and the strobe lights turned on my immediate thought was, "oh god I hope no one has epilepsy" then proceeded to scan the crowd.

    I loved the prior poster who said they "have 5 bottles on my bedside table" w/o skipping a beat...
  13. by   uptoolateagain
    Was reading through this again (after many months) and finally realized something. I recently changed facilities and had issues getting in the doors for the first two months. The old facility had tap cards, now I have to swipe a magnetic strip. Talk about a pain!

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