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Found in the History and Physical section of a patient's chart who had experienced visual hallucinations while ill: YIKES! Angela... Read More

  1. by   Etone LPN
    May not have been incorrect charting as foley catheters have been used in a pinch to control intractable epistaxis. I have heard of this practice before but have not seen it used. Makes sense though as a foley inserted into the nose and the balloon advanced to the source of the bleed, the balloon inflated would compress the vessels controlling the bleed.

    Medscape: Medscape Access

    Another application of the foley catheter is ... a #30 fr. foley catheter can be used to replace a G-tube that a patient has yanked out. Have done this twice myself. Pt never missed a feeding! Do understand that the practice of using urinary catheters would be a big "no no" now for these purposes due to liability factors, as this is not what the manufacturer intended.

    Would look funny seeing that documented in the nursing notes though ... :-)
  2. by   kanzi monkey
    Quote from DixieRedHead
    I swear, absolutely swear: Red, blancheable area at top of butt crack.
    That was probably me
  3. by   purpurata
    In reading a patient history, I noted that he had a history of BKA. The exam went on to say right pedal pulse 2+, left pedal pulse 1+. I wondered how he had bilateral pedal pulses when he'd had an amputation. Going further into the notes, along about the time the doctor was discussing the glucose level of 500, it became clear that it should have said DKA, not BKA. Slight difference there...
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    I was charting at about 0330 once, really struggling to stay awake. Had to re-write the entire page after I wrote this "Code Blue, room 2226, Code Blue, room 2226, Code Blue, room 2226" I was writing what was coming over the paging system.

    The worst part? I was on the code team! (I eventually 'came to' and responded to the code - which was actually someone vagal-ing after a blood draw.)

    NEVER lived that one down.
  5. by   GitanoRN
    many moons ago i received a verbal order from a doctor, well i got distracted and while charting i wrote the following "pcp order verbally via phone= "pt. may shower with nurse"..... i'm still living up to that one :d
  6. by   Intentional
    one of my favorite nursing notes explained how a confused little old woman had "vomited whole pineapple" during dinner. the image of a whole pineapple, leaves and all, coming from this lady's mouth had us all laughing pretty good!
  7. by   Christy1019
    I had a male patient in the ER with a submandibular and paratonsil abscess that ended up being nasally intubated for airway protection... later, I was reading the radiologists report of the pt's head/neck CT which stated:

    "Vaginal fluid noted in the danger space"
    Ummm... say what?!? Lol

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  8. by   mariebailey
    i was charting in a deceased client's record; the client had a communicable disease. instead of writing, "contact of client agreed to arrange repeat tuberculin skin testing next week", i wrote "client agreed to..."
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  9. by   sharpeimom
    Quote from gitanorn
    many moons ago i received a verbal order from a doctor, well i got distracted and while charting i wrote the following "pcp order verbally via phone= "pt. may shower with nurse"..... i'm still living up to that one :d
    where do i go to sign up and do i get to choose the patient?!
    i would think that in psych and forensics that might work out better! (for me anyway!)
  10. by   Zatara142
    Intern charted that the attending's plan was to "Monitor eyes and nose" on patient with heart failure. What he'd said was "I's and O's.":icon_roll
  11. by   RunninOnCoffee
    Admit orders from the ER written my MD.... Admit pt, dx hypopopotassiumemia???? How about hypokalemia?!?
    And my own error that luckily I caught before I hit save.... mepilex applied to buttcocks!! Oops! Never heard of one of those in A&P!
  12. by   jjrodriguez
    My first semester of nursing school, my clinical-mate's patient's diagnosis was "SICK".
  13. by   anon456
    I work in a peds hospital and the patient list will give a brief description of why the patient was admitted. One said "Accidental medication indigestion."