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  1. sairin8

    Charting Bloopers

    Yep. As the M.O. reading it said, "Interesting". Admittedly, that seemed to be his favourite word, lol
  2. sairin8

    Charting Bloopers

    For a #: "Closed reduction internal fixation"
  3. sairin8

    Thats not what she said....

    Apparently another way to check is to raise their arm so it's above their face and let it go. If it's post a true seizure, they'll hit themselves in the face (unfortunately). If it's not, the hand will somehow miss
  4. sairin8

    Dream job if you weren't an RN

    I'd love to be a mum. Hopefully I can actually manage that one day, producing child is harder than it seems sometimes
  5. sairin8

    Dream job if you weren't an RN

    Ecologist, either in my own country (NZ - although some of the subantarctic islands would be good too) or in Antarctica. I'd love to work in Antarctica one day.
  6. sairin8

    Favorite Dr or Nurse Name

    So that's another reason to be concerned at that name, yeast infections aka thrush...
  7. I suppose that's better than turning 'six' into 'sex' like the Australians do though, lol
  8. sairin8

    Alternatives to NetP in NZ

    Nope, didn't get NetP but I think I've actually ended up better off without. Will have a postgrad certificate by the end of the year and am about to start in AT&R within a DHB that said I needed a minimum of one year's experience. I'll start with them after only 9 months (got the job on 8 months experience but had to give notice for my old job). The only one's of my classmates who will have a postgrad certificate this year are those who have done mental health and that certificate doesn't actually count towards further educaation.
  9. To get into the program, you will NEED level 7 IELTS in each area, this is non-negotiable. So, if you want to be a nurse, you simply need to work on your English. The only way to be registered with the Nursing Council is to actually be a registered nurse (or enrolled nurse, nurse assistant or nurse practitioner, but RN is the most common). You would need to do the Bachelor of Nursing and pass State beforehand. However, my usual recommendation to people interested in studying nursing is to decide whether or not they actually want to be a nurse. I say, if they are not sure then they shouldn't bother, however if they are then they should go for it.
  10. sairin8

    Theme song to your Nursing career?

    Always look on the bright side of life Had a number of set backs in my, so far, short nursing career. Thing is, some of the things that were absolutely devastating at the time have turned out to be the best thing that's happened
  11. Also, it seems really weird to give Trimethoprim in the morning, it's usually given od nocte... And the number of residents to one nurse is excessive! I'm also in aged care (only for two more weeks though) and have a workload that's acknowledged as being high - at 36 hospital residents. (While I am still responsible for the 21 rest home residents as well, their meds are delegated to an EN or med comp HCA). Doing medication for 52 residents is excessive. Don't know what advice to give about the review, except to reiterate what TheMiss said about joining the NZNO if you aren't already and contacting them if you are. Your membership with them is your indemnity insurance
  12. sairin8

    Favorite Dr or Nurse Name

    A GP named Dr Martin (Doc Martins)
  13. sairin8

    military time

    I do it both with and without the "hrs", depending on which would make it more clear
  14. sairin8

    Ever Refuse a MD order?

    Closest I came was on my last placement... One of the registrars asked me for a BP on a 12 yo girl with Downs syndrome, and a major dislike of anything medical! We had already (eventually) managed to get an ECG, a height and a weight from her (her mother, myself and the RN in the room all had to be measured first at girl's insistence). When the reg asked, I asked the girl how she felt about a BP (she didn't want it), I asked her mother how she was with her BP being taken (about the same as everything else), and then asked the reg if it was really needed (he had heard all the above and said he'd check with the consultant). In this case, I would have gone for it if it was really needed but not if it was just something merely nice to have. It definitely helped that I had a good rapport with the reg and that he could see my reasoning
  15. sairin8

    Charting Bloopers

    At handover today, the staff member going off shift said "[pt's name] complained of cockroach". The then thought about it for a moment and said, "oh wait, it could be earache"
  16. sairin8

    What's the difference between medicine and nursing?

    Doctors carry pagers. Nurses do the paging. I once came up with why that was really profound, but I'm not in the mood for profound right now and can't remember off the top of my head