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Found in the History and Physical section of a patient's chart who had experienced visual hallucinations while ill: YIKES! Angela... Read More

  1. by   canesdukegirl
    Quote from brandiashley
    here's an error i made once after a very bad day, thankfully only on the report sheet for the next shift (and DON, CEO,CFO, ect) and not in the actual charting:
    pt: jane doe, A/O/A, smoker since she could hold a cigg, lungs sound like ****.
    this is what i normally think in my head but gets automatically translated into proper term (crackles throughout bilat lung fields) w/o any conscious thought, but that day, there was a major break down of communication between my brain and my hand. oops.
    Oh how funny! Sometimes I wish I could write things like that in my charts without getting in trouble!
  2. by   canesdukegirl
    A patient was being stubborn about getting up from the bed and walking 5xqd 1st day post-op, and the note that was written by the nurse was this:

    "Pt states at home that she is usually sedimentary and doesn't need to walk today."

    Hmm....the patient is usually rocky??
  3. by   sairin8
    At handover today, the staff member going off shift said "[pt's name] complained of cockroach". The then thought about it for a moment and said, "oh wait, it could be earache"
  4. by   JPrn2b
    As a CNA, reading some of these posts I'm glad we're not allowed to note in the pt's chart. That way I can't be blamed for confusing CBI with hooking IV to F/C! That's a pretty embarrassing error, not to mention dangerous if it were actually done.
  5. by   pleasantly mad
    On a psych ward I once read notes of a collegue stating;

    Patient challanged me to game of chess, I accepted and beat him. Patient stated this was first time he'd ever been beat. PLAN: encourage patient to play more chess as part of rehab.

    Couldn't stop laughing at this

    Although not written a collegue of mine has often described a patient as 'Mad as a box of frogs' durign handover.... God I love psychiatry.
  6. by   Bobylon
    Not a blooper (as it's obviously deliberate....), but we have an RN on my floor who puts smiley faces in her assessments..... LOL
  7. by   november17
    "the patient developed severe, 10/10, epigastric abdominal pain, which persists today. This was associated with nausea and vomiting of undigested food, which he states he ingested approximately 2 days later. "

  8. by   talaxandra
    Oh, november17 - I hope that's a charting blooper rather than reportage, but I can't imagine what it should have been...
  9. by   november17
    Quote from talaxandra
    Oh, november17 - I hope that's a charting blooper rather than reportage, but I can't imagine what it should have been...
    It was supposed to say "two days before"
  10. by   talaxandra
    That's considerably less distressing
  11. by   C_perugiae
    My sister is a NICU nurse and was asked to help with a difficult birth at the end of her third 12 hour night shift in a row. When she was ready to leave, she reported to the NP, she told her that she gave the baby a blow job. What she meant to say was blow-by oxygen. She still gets teased about this, two months after the slipup.

    I hate to bring this up, but I was taught that the singular form of "nares" is "naris" instead of "nare." Not trying to be uppity or anything, just thought I'd throw that in there.
  12. by   GM2RN
    Just posting so I can follow this thread. It's a nice change from the usual stuff.
  13. by   TonyaM73
    I am with you. I want to keep up with this thred also! Seriously funny!!!