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OK, so I am graduating in August, the unlucky limbo of nursing school graduates. Everyone tells me "Wait until you can get a job at a hospital in a residency program", but how am I supposed to do... Read More

  1. by   ShantheRN
    I think that's any school. You have until the end of the quarter/semester to pay tuition. Technically you can say you're a graduate but you'll have no proof of it because the school won't send out transcripts when there's an outstanding balance. At my school it was part of the requirements for graduation.
  2. by   NRSKarenRN
    No final payment of tuition owed = no graduaton transcripts -- how my brick an morter school worked in 1982 and requirement exists today.
  3. by   citylights89
    Quote from ShantheRN
    Did I miss something? You need to pay off your tuition, which means you won't be sitting for boards any time soon. Why are people suggesting new grad jobs? And what does graduating in August have to do with any of this? I need more coffee....

    You and your classmates probably aren't getting call backs for PCA/CNA work because as soon as HR sees you're an RN graduate, they know you'll be quitting as soon as you pass boards and find an RN position. There's no point in the facility paying for your orientation when you'll be gone soon. If I were you, I'd take any job (health care or not) that will let you pay off that 2 grand by the time you graduate. The sooner you get a license, the sooner you can start looking for jobs. Being a CNA/PCA is NO guarantee that you'll get a job. I know plenty of RNs still working in their PCA positions at hospitals. A new grad is a new grad is a new grad.

    If I'm misunderstanding something, my apologies!
    I won't name the school, but it is a religiously affiliated private, not for profit university. As far as new grad jobs go and graduating in August - there are no new grad internships in August where I'm from. One hospital is supposed to have one in Sept, but they haven't even posted the application yet. All the others are at the beginning of next year. Sure you can try other positions of they don't require more experience.

    Oh yeah, I know that already about PCA work.

    IDK I'll probably have to work somewhere until I can save the money. Like I said, a couple of home health agencies that my mom works at said they would hire me as a home health aide until I get a license. Beats having no income. Family said they would help if they can. I don't get graduation gifts, just tuition money. :/ My graduations are never spectacular, they just happen.
  4. by   ariel4164
    I got my RN license in December. I worked for home health and hospice before, but most home health agencies tell me I have to have I have to have 1 year of acute experience as RN. They tell me it is a regulation from Medicare (???). Does anybody know is it actually a rule or just a preference. I know some new grads have been hired by home health, even without LVN experience.
  5. by   pedsRN28

    It's a preference! Maybe it depends on the state too but I just graduated in Dec as well and a some of my classmates and friends were hired in home health as be RN.
  6. by   mdonk713
    Interesting thread regarding new grads working home health. I am currently nurse educator with a company that provides private duty nursing to patients with enteral feedings, trachs, and vent dependent. We have a limited program for new grads that requires some intensive 1:1 training with me in our Sim lab then we place nurses with a preceptor in the home for a total of 160hr. During this time the nurses return to office for weekly reviews and more training as needed. I would like to take this program up a notch so we can have more grads with a full-time RN to manage the program and would certainly welcome any feedback from you all regarding your feelings for implementing a program like this.
    I will be starting the work on a grant within the month and in the meantime just putting out feelers for input from nurses with home health knowledge.