Which areas are hiring?

  1. Hi all!

    I wanted to know which areas of the US do not have heavy saturations of RN's looking for jobs?
    I currently live in so cal and I know it will be extremely difficult to find a job here so I am willing to re locate. Anywhere is fine with me if I can get a job. I don't have kids or any real ties down here. I have a decent savings so I can be out of work for a couple months.

    I know many people have had to relocate but how long did it take to get a job? Was it difficult to find a job contract and then move?

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  3. by   Tex201
    Hi Sweet Charm...sent you a PM regarding your post
  4. by   estrellaCR
    I tried applying out of state (I live in NY) but no luck. I tried FL, VA, Alabama, DC, MD, CT, NJ, OH, MA, NC, TX, CA, IL but nothing resulted. Idk if it is because if one does not have their state license they wont consider you, But i did specify I am willing to endorse my current license for one from their state. The jobs were all for new grads or recent grads with less than 1 year of experience, BSN, BLS, ACLS, NRP, PALS which I have. Nursing hiring is a mystery some do not need any thing but a BSN degree and a license to get hired others even if you have a load of qualifications to make you stand out, its a no go!

    Just try applying everywhere! I advise Upstate New York or Cold states up north. They have more openings as less people apply there due to the cold weather. I did not apply there because NYC cold weather is enough for me and upstate is way too far from me and the other states, I dont do well in very cold weather. But if you are open to those areas I.e. Minnesota, Idaho, the Dakotas, anywhere in NY that is not near NYC or Long Island. Try there I heard its a lot easier.
  5. by   marcos9999
    If you really want a job you have to go to a rural area and one that is as remote as possible. These places still hire anybody who dares to go there...but you'll have to be out of your comfort zone. Look up Wikipedia's list of hospitals by state and then look in the map and see how remote it is and call them...
  6. by   perioddrama
    North Dakota, if you can stand the frigid, frigid temperatures. I know several SoCal New Grads went up there.

    I also saw a new grad position in El Paso, TX that someone posted on facebook, but El Paso's near Ciudad Juarez, Mexico....
  7. by   SycamoreGuy
    Almost any rural Midwest hospital.
  8. by   Kidrn911
    Illinois is a tough job market right now, does anyone know about Indianapolis, it used to be HOTT 10 years ago
  9. by   RNdynamic
    Central New York, around Syracuse. Oswego Hospital is my older employer, and they were ALWAYS hiring.
  10. by   Sweet charm
    Thanks! A lot of people are saying rurual Texas!
  11. by   SCTravelRN
    Might I suggest trying travel nursing. There are always tons of options nationwide for various lengthed commitments, it's a great way to test a new location before a permanent move, you get paid to see the country, and it's a fantastic way to build your resume. I have similiar credentials to yours and have been traveling for 4 years and I LOVE it! Just remember to stay registered with more than 1 service (there are dozens to choose from) because each facility is contracted with certain agencies.
  12. by   joanna73
    Last week, I noticed an ad for recruitment of nurses to North Dakota. They were even willing to cover housing costs. Sure, it's cold, but if you need a job who cares about the cold?
  13. by   SCSTxRN
    United Regional Hospital in Wichita Falls, TX
    North Texas State Hospital in Wichta Falls and Vernon
    Clay County Memorial Hospital in Henrietta, TX

    Come on down to rural Texas - it's only cold half the year. And the other half.. well, it is very hot. And dry. But the people are nice.
  14. by   RNrls
    Hey do travel it pays great. Work is everywhere. Even where you are. You are free to do it. Jump on its a no lose thing. If you don't like a place you know you can move on in a few months.