What to say to HR to get to nurse recruiter on the phone

  1. I have been following up after putting in my applications for jobs and I rarely get a chance to talk to a nurse recruiter.
    As soon as I mention "job application" I get shut down. I'm looking for creative ways to get pass HR to get to the nurse recruiter.
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  3. by   taramb7263
    Your best bet is...know the name of the nurse recruiter and say that you are returning their phone call, they speak/email so many people they usually can't remember whether or not they actually told you to call them. Once you get the recruiter on the phone hit them with your questions.
  4. by   MPKH
    Or better yet, try to speak to the manager of the unit that you're applying to. That's how I landed my current job. I called the hospital up and asked to speak with the manager who is responsible for hiring on the unit that I'm currently working in. Left her a voice message...she returned my call, and lo and behold, was offered a job.
  5. by   Candyn
    Some of the HR do not even tell you the Nurse Manager's Name. Use Linkedin to find a nurse recruiter's name.
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Thank you. These are all helpful tips.
  7. by   applewhitern
    I have been offered jobs before by just walking into the unit and talking directly to the manager of that unit. A lot of job postings are not current, or they already plan to transfer someone internally, but post the job anyway.
  8. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    Just learned a new strategy today. I now ask who the nurse recruiter is so that I can forward my cover letter to him/her. So far it has worked. Once I get the name I call back to get directly connected.
  9. by   taramb7263
    That's how I got all of my interviews just keep calling emailing recruiters and mention the positions you applied for and get that resume directly to them. I got lucky a few times and it was always because I went right to the recruiter . The managers I know don't always like to have people just show up on the unit but the rehab/ ltc seem not to mind!