Take the LTC job offer, or wait for hospital interview result?!

  1. I didnt think I would even have this problem. I was applying almost everywhere. I graduated Dec 2011. I applied and interviewed at a LTC facility. I then had an interview at a local hospital for maternity and Intermediate care. LTC job is first shift, every other weekend. hospital is 3 12 hrs, 7p-7a and 11p-1130a. Wont hear back till end of next week most likely. However the LTC wants to know by this Fri! Soooo...do I wait to see if I get an offer from the hospital, or take the guarenteed job. Btw, I now have another interview for a hospital that is about 45 mins away, for med surg..day and night shifts available.

    I know its a good problem kind of, but I hope I dont regret if I pass on the LTC then dont get an offer! I dont mind LTC, I worked in it for 5 yrs as a CNA..but want new experiences as a RN. Any thoughts??? Thanks!
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  3. by   NewGoalRN
    Can you ask for a few more days to consider? If not, I'd take the LTC job. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. If the hospital job pans out, then aplogogize nicely and try to give 2 wks notice if the hospital job will wait 2 wks ( most will due to having to get paperwork done etc)

    What a nice dilemma to have. I have a business background with no hospital/cna experice. Recent grad and now going through the process of applying however most of the jobs want 1 to 2 years experience. uggghhh!
  4. by   Nurseadam
    i have the same problem, i will try and get the job at the LTC then apologize nicely if i got offered the job at the hospital, and tell them that it's stressful and it's not what i want to do, then leave a 2 week notice.
  5. by   CoffeeRTC
    I've been doing LTC for the last 15+ years and for the most part I like it BUT, I would try and hold of the LTC as long as possible. Most places will accomodate this if they really want you.
  6. by   amystudentRN
    Thanks for the ideas.. today I was called and asked if I want to work at MY nursing home, the one Ive been at for over 4 yrs. FT, just a diff unit. So I have an interview with them Monday! I am going to call the other LTC place and tell them no thank you tommarow. I will take my previous employers job if I end up in LTC!! Then if the hospital actually offers me the job, I'll have to tell them if I change my mind...