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Hello, would anyone like to share their experience of finding a job as a new graduate: I will share my experience. I would like to start off by saying thats its not easy at all, but you cannot give... Read More

  1. by   yaqsin
    congrats on your job I think persistence pays off I am at a nursing home as a new nurse too, and yes it is frustrating but I am going to continue to apply for other jobs...thanks for all the advice
  2. by   mso819
    Quote from DysrhythmiaRN11
    Hello everyone,
    Its 2013 nearly 2014 and I have not been active on this forum due to my busy life as a nurse. I hope everyone has had luck in finding jobs by now. From my desperate job search adventure as a new grad to my new life as an experienced nurse, I have finally landed a job I love through hard work. I have landed most of my jobs with just a ADN degree and my most recent destination has been in the OR. Its a cool job. I find that finding jobs was a challenge but my hard work has paid off. Starting in a nursing home and ending in the OR has been a big step for me. Never give up and don't allow people to tell you what you can or cannot do.
    Thank u!! This is so reassuring for me to hear. Gud luck to you!
  3. by   DysrhythmiaRN11
    Quote from yaqsin
    congrats on your job I think persistence pays off I am at a nursing home as a new nurse too, and yes it is frustrating but I am going to continue to apply for other jobs...thanks for all the advice
    Nursing homes are a good foot in the door. Most of the time people just want to see that you are a practicing nurse for x amount of time. The nursing home will get you to your goals...
  4. by   Concerto_in_C
    Well, if you just got a bachelor's degree, here's my 2 cents.

    Provincial town/rural hospitals have an aging nursing labor force, including people who got hired in the 1970s (I'm not kidding you-I'm working with them) when the educational standards were lower. This means they still have diploma nurses, LPNs, associate degree nurses working on hospital floors. If you apply there and have a BSN, your application will look favorably, because ultimately they want you. Ultimately the hospital wants to retire the older nurses and replace them with BSNs exclusively. Once they have BSNs all over the place, they can go for Magnet Status or some other prestigious recognition. Provincial hospitals have fallen behind the giants, but they want to catch up, because their CEOs are ambitious too, and the first step to catching up is having BSNs all over the place.

    On the other hand, if you just got your bachelors in nursing and you are applying at the award winning medical centers in Denver, NYC, LA, Chicago, etc., the famous trauma hospitals featured in Hollywood movies, then you are screwed because your competition consists exclusively of BSNs and even MSNs. In Chicago or LA it may be impossible to find a job, but college degrees are hanging on every tree, simply because it's far easier to take a loan and start taking classes, than it is to find a respectable job you will be happy with.

    Of course this begs the question "what happens in 30 years when BSN (or higher) is mandatory for any type of nursing work involving patient contact?" I think eventually we will get there-LPN schools and the like will have to close down and they will no longer issue those accelerated degrees. I'm not sure what the answer is, but this is a great question to ask.

    These are some of my own observations and my own principles that helped me to find work in the kind of unit I wanted to work.
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  5. by   DysrhythmiaRN11
    Yes I can agree with you on your insight. On the other hand, BSN is better than an Associates, some experience is better than no experience. IN this nursing world, with or without your BSN as a new grad you are going to struggle with finding a job. I've seen BSN nurses unable to get jobs as well. I just think if you are aggressive then you can def get any job no matter what. But in those geographical areas you are speaking of, I certainly understand what you are saying. I can imagine that every area has its unique struggle for nurses finding jobs. I am a 2011 graduate with an Associates degree and an OR nurse, I just received a BSN from PEnn State and I've been job hunting for a second job and no luck due to lack of experience.... all just the same. At the same time, I am feeling lazy, not really in the mood for job hunting so guess what....... I am not being aggressive and no-one is calling me.
  6. by   Joe Friday
    Hello, and thanks for the thread... It's very insightful. I am about to start a BSN program in Los Angeles. It's pretty scary seeing the difficulty in getting a nursing job. As most are, I was under the impression that nurses were in demand.

    Did I read this correctly, with you having OR experience, you still cannot find a job? I won't be graduating till '17 so I suppose I will be closer to that 2020 timeline I keep hearing about... but still...

    Also, What about a nursing residency? Does that add to desirability or experience consideration when looking for a job, or is it a waste of time???

    I am not above getting a nursing home or private ambulance job to gain experience points. I have been an EMT for a couple years, so I'm used to it...
  7. by   DysrhythmiaRN11
    I've been looking to apply to jobs in other areas of nursing like med-surg so yes it is hard for me to find a job right now. With me having OR experience means that I don't have the med-surg experience that most people require. OR nursing is a different type of nursing and most don't look at that as having experience because we don't deliver direct care to the patient. We have the anesthesiologist who starts IV's, delivers meds, and provides care and the physician who is there also in control and providing the surgical care. I learn a lot as an OR nurse especially since I ask questions but its still not considered experience to some. When I apply to other positions, they call me back for the OR and I turn it down because I don't want two OR jobs.. its too stressful. Nursing residency definitely adds to experience. Its a wonderful idea and that is how I obtained a job in the OR. It was called an OR fellowship for 3 months and afterwards I received a job in the OR and I've been there ever since.
  8. by   Ingridisms
    My hands are tied. I've been applying to every tech job I can get my hands on but I'm waiting for my interim permit and the ok to take the NCLEX. It's hard to look for a job when you have no license number to refer to and I just graduated in Dec of 2013.
  9. by   Joe Friday
    What kind of Tech Job? Well, you only graduated like 45 minutes ago, so I wouldn't freak out


  10. by   DysrhythmiaRN11
    yes it is hard to apply with a license let alone without one. lol. Its really not an easy journey. But if you haven't even taken the NCLEX yet, they definitely aren't interested. Don't give up your hopes so soon. Just focus on passing your NCLEX. Good luck.
  11. by   YellowOwl
    Hi! I just like to ask, What did you wear when you decided to personally inquire about job openings and leave your resume to different facilities? Can you suggest anything especially for this season? Thanks!