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Disclaimer: This is a venting post only and may very possibly irk/irritate/anger nursing students. Please don't post about how mean and unfair I am or how I don't understand how difficult it is to be... Read More

  1. by   smk1
    I am of the opinion that nursing students need to be treated as the adults that they are. It isn't the teachers responsibility to hunt down a student to talk about makeup exams, assignments or clinical days. Understanding is warranted at times, but the student should be the one contacting the instructor to find out how to proceed. My philosophy is to build a good reputation with my teachers. This means that I am on time to class, I participate, I don't waste their time, I show up prepared for clinical and lab, I take notes, take my tests on time, turn in assingments on time, take care of my clinical assingment and show up prepared. When I have the time I volunteer for the days that they have signup sheets to go and help out in community settings (not often, but sometimes). I don't ask them questions that I could easily find out for myself. I try to be self motivated and yet respect their license by checking first with them before jumping in and doing something I am unsure of at clinical. I try to be helpful when asked to help certain students to the extent that I am able, and I try not to be a complainer. I will speak up if the situation warrants it. I ask for clarification when I need it, I try not to freak out over small things, and I take direction. I do my best to stay at the top of my class. I feel that this is the time to build that good reputation with the faculty, to prove to them that I am responsible and making progress. Hopefully because of this if there comes a time where I might need a concession from an instructor they will not view me in a negative light. I have had mostly good experiences at my program so far. Some kinder than others, some better at teaching and some better at guiding. So far I am content.
  2. by   manettohillnurse
    I read your vent. I can't believe that he couldn't turn on a thermometer. This is such a simple piece of equipment, what on earth is going to happen when he has to use a defibrillator or any other piece of equipment. I wouldn't want to be the patient !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. by   rpv_rn
    Quote from teachemnursing
    that is a great idea! i have had the same problem in the past and i am always told to just let the student retake with no consequences.
    our school policy: make up exam grade maximum is 75%. doesn't matter if the student aces the exam, the student's score is only 75%. end of story.
  4. by   sassyRN73
    Another Nursing student chiming in-
    scribblern -GOOD for you. I work 24h/week as ICU tech, have two small children and attend a night ADN program. I put a ton of time into prep for all of my classes (lecture and lab/clinical). I really makes me angry when students just breeze in and think that they can just BS their way thru. They are neither contientious nor responsible two traits I believe are required for nursing. You are doing the right thing. Thanks to all the nursing educators for all you do and all you have taught us nursing students. This gives me great insight into all that goes into teaching nursing students.
    Eight more months to go to :mortarboard:
  5. by   Gab07
    for I_am_ Evergreen,

    form ur experience it is clear that ur instructor disliked you and she tried her best to find faults in ur practice, this is bull, instructors should support and assist students in any circumstances, I believe that u were treated unfair, my advice is don't give up, with persistence and determination you will get there girl.
  6. by   i_am_evergreen
    Quote from Gab07
    for I_am_ Evergreen,

    form ur experience it is clear that ur instructor disliked you and she tried her best to find faults in ur practice, this is bull, instructors should support and assist students in any circumstances, I believe that u were treated unfair, my advice is don't give up, with persistence and determination you will get there girl.
    Thanks Gab. I'm getting back in the program next semester
  7. by   CHorn71
    I am a student who spends countless hours preparing for everthing from the "biggest exam of my life" to how to make a bed! I take great pride in the fact that I am a student nurse and seek out the nurses that will teach me the art of nursing. I am fortunate to have instructors who give me time and attention and unfortunate to have instructors who don't. Ultimately, it is up to the student to WANT TO LEARN. He'll flunk out and take accounting, be patient - perhaps someday you can have him do your tax returns :roll :roll
  8. by   greatshakes
    One of the students I referred to in my earlier posts failed a compulsory subject and she still got through. This wasn't fair. Her brother was apparently a junkie in jail and tried to OD through mainlining and her father had left them when they were young. The lecturers got her sad stories and passed her. She'd get a hour of their time and were lucky to get five minutes if we were in a crisis. Some of us were soredly disadvantaged. Not only because it was sad but because she bragged that she was a favourite and had failed and they'd let her go through. We didn't hold the syringe out to him and while I commiserate to some degree, the bragging finished a lot of the faith I had in some teachers. Mainly because there was such a line between favouritism and discrimination. I stuck my ground though and finally finished because I wanted this more than anything and on account of the good lecturers who did give me a break. Another student who was well-liked, keen and worked hard took his own life because the pressure was so great..that's sad!!! What a damn waste. All I want now is a job.
  9. by   twotrees2
    Quote from mamason
    I understand that sometimes life throws really bad things at us. But, what if these individuals were employed as nurses at a facility? Would the facility be willing to excuse poor performance based on problems at home? Just wondering.I know it sounds harsh, but, it is something to think about.I think nursing instructors know this and are doing their best to help prepare students for future employment. I was lucky, when I went to school, there were strict guidelines that had to be followed. If a student was chronically late or unprepared for class/clinicals is was noticed by the instructor. The instructor would then counsel the student on what was expected of them. They did there best to work with the student as much as possible. But, the students were still expected to follow the rules as everyone else.
    well in my opinion i think unless they have parents with lots of money to provide for them and their families as well as pay for school so they dont have to work - id say they are probably already working a full time job - once graduating i am sure THAT full time job would change to a nursing career and wala - that much less stress on thier shoulders and they may just excel -

    i know cause this is how it was with me - i kept my instructors abreast of my situations and they grateful by me helped me through all my classes - and gave extra effort to help me when i was available ( as most of the time the "lab" isn't open 24/7 - ) anyhow- i am grateful they could feel id make a good nurse and helped me through many tough times giving thier all and above their call ( one instructor would allow me to come to her house and tutored me - on her own - at times i could get there) - thanks for reminding me of these instructors who gave me the chance and helped me along. think i'm gonna look the 3 of them up see if i can find em and send them a thank you!!! and let them know thier efforts did not get wasted