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  1. What are the "rules" surrounding contact with prior graduates as well as current students? I recent got myself into a bind because I was contacting prior program graduates to check on status of readiness for board exams as well as job placement. I was told this was inappropriate behavior and that they should also never have my contact info... This kind of put my in an awquard position because I felt that my students could always contact me with questions reguarding clinical or post grad advice??? I completely understand about not having lunch with prior grads or inviting students to my home (I know that is very inappropriate). I felt like I was scolded for being friendly with students. It's not like we were having margaritas at the local bar!

    In our school handbook it states that students and faculty of the clinical site should be able to contact you at anytime while at clinical by pager or cell phone...but the school does not provide this. I have been giving my students my personal cell number for this. I have now told them that they can only contact me 30 minutes prior to clinical and one hour after, otherwise they must leave a voicemail. Our director has also said that we are to not use cell phones at the clinical site but then in the same breath that we must be able to be contacted by the school at all times in case of emergency. So which one is it!?!

    I thought that it would be in the best interest of the school to keep in contact with prior grads and assist with job placement. Am I completely off base?

    Thanks so much for any advice you can give a new LVN Clincal Instructor!
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  3. by   Whispera
    I've always given my students my cell phone and home phone numbers, and email address, with instructions not to call me before 6 am or after 10 pm. They need to be able to reach me with their questions, and to let me know if they'll be absent or late. They need to reach me during clinical if I'm not with them. I go to 5 sites so I am not with all of them at the same time. I've taught since 1996 and it has never been a problem. I do not call them except to return messages they leave. They are free to contact me after I'm not their instructor anymore, too. The only time any has, has been to ask for a reference.
  4. by   showbizrn
    Both Universities
    where I teach
    the students and Faculty
    to have telephone contact
    info of each other.
  5. by   nursebrandie28
    I personally see nothing wrong with giving your contact info and remaining "in touch" after graduation with the boundaries you set. I used to give my cell phone/home phone but after being harrassed by a failing student and her mother, I just give email now.
    This works because, I have a smart phone where I get my email instantly.

  6. by   caliotter3
    I also see nothing wrong with providing your contact info within the boundaries mentioned. I would also consider having a separate email and/or cell number for this purpose.
  7. by   Goodoldnurse
    I give my cell phone # to my students and they do not abuse it. I have unlimited texting since many live in that arena and I carry on full conversations with them. Sometimes they are just anxious and need a kind word or have a questions about an upcoming class. They will email on our web platform, but I might get it too late. They have my office number, but how often am I in there!! LOL
  8. by   VickyRN
    My students have my contact information (cell # , land line #, school e-mail) and are expected to use it, if they are going to be late/ absent to clinical or cannot take a scheduled exam due to sickness, personal crisis, etc.
  9. by   sunnysideup09
    We now have pagers that are used only for clinical absences. We no longer give our cell phone numbers out (we had an instructor get obscene text and voice mail messages from a blocked number). I personally have had students call me on a Sunday morning at 8am and think nothing of it. Students are told that email is the best way to reach us since we are on campus only 2 days a week or they may call the office phone but know we do not retrieve messages unless on campus.
  10. by   ProfRN4
    I give my students my cell # (not my home, I barely use that one, and have a housemate, so that wouldn't work). I used to give them my personal e-mail address (to send me their assignments, or in case I needed to do a mass mailing), but with spam and facebook accessibility, I stopped that. They now contact me on my work email (and i am better with checking it on my days off).

    I often text my students, and they text me. I have their names in my phone, so I know it's them when they come up, and I can also send them a group text if needed. It works better if they are calling in for clinical, or running late, so I am not picking up my cell phone on the unit.

    Once they graduate, I see no issue with keeping in touch with them, in any way. They are no longer my students, I am not longer their teacher, they are now fellow nurses. I have a number of them on my facebook page, and I really do enjoy seeing their nursing-related gripes
  11. by   rierie
    Thanks guys this makes me feel like I was making the right decision.
  12. by   RN1488
    I know this thread is old, but I give my students a google voice number. It rings to my phone, but is not that hard to change numbers.