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  1. by   happytoheal
    I'm currently looking into the University of Phoenix to obtain my master's as a nursing educator. While I put in a few years of experience in nursing, I would like to start some online classes. Because I am working full-time, an online course is probably the best option for my constantly rotating schedule. Out of curiousity, has anyone out there been through their program, or know anyone with personal experience? After looking at many options, I keep feeling led to give this program a try. Anyone with advice, words of wisdom, etc....would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!
  2. by   QTBabyNurse
    Quote from happytoheal
    i'm currently looking into the university of phoenix to obtain my master's as a nursing educator. while i put in a few years of experience in nursing, i would like to start some online classes. because i am working full-time, an online course is probably the best option for my constantly rotating schedule. out of curiousity, has anyone out there been through their program, or know anyone with personal experience? after looking at many options, i keep feeling led to give this program a try. anyone with advice, words of wisdom, etc....would be greatly appreciated!!!!
    [font="century gothic"]i've been looking into this program as well. i have my associate's degree, so i have to complete my bsn first to be able to continue on with the msn...they don't offer a "bridge rn-msn" program. it is expensive...but each class is only 5 weeks can start them anytime...and if you need to take a couple weeks off for any reason between courses, it's no big deal. i like that factor. it is going to cost me about $20,000 though to get my bsn. i need to check with my employer to see how they will re-imburse for this program.
  3. by   veg
    Don't overlook the new Walden MSN program: They specialize in distance learning. I am especially fascinated by their program for RNs who only have a two year degree. They can bypass the BSN and go straight for the MSN in a sort of combined program.
  4. by   happytoheal
    I'm slowly learning how much research you need to put into looking at different msn programs to weigh out the pros and cons. My goal is to find an all-online nurse educator msn program. Some universities advertise an all online program, and then throw in that one class that requires six on-campus meetings. That makes for an expensive class when factoring in air fare for out-of-state students! :spin: I'm currently working on a spread sheet to really help compare and organize for myself. Another derailment that I seem to be running into is that a lot of nurse educator programs require at least 1-2 years of experience. Unfortunately I haven't hit that mark yet, and I see the good in this, but I feel that a lot of programs that I've looked into aren't exactly straight-forward about advertising this online:typing (which makes for a lot of phone calls). On a side note, for anyone else out there looking, be sure to know what time it is at the school when you're making calls. I'm on the east coast, and made the mistake of calling the midwest pretty early on one of my days off last week. Of course the secretary answering the phone was sure to make me aware of the time...making me feel fabulous! :smackingf The application process for any msn program seems pretty intense and time consuming, so I'm really trying to be careful in picking programs that will be the right fit for me. Anyone with experience that could give me some pointers would be great to hear from. If nothing else, it's just nice to get out some of this fun off my chest!
  5. by   Tweety
    Quote from mtdnk
    I am currently attending Walden University- due to graduate Spring '07 with MSN- Specialization in Nursing education. I would rate this program as excellent. My job accepts it for tuition reimbursement, and the schools of nursing I am a clinical adjunct also accept it. I am amazed at the amount of information that I have learned, from nursing theory to teaching strategies, and everything in between. The atmosphere is collegiate, professors receptive and supportive (truly a learner-centered environment). The work is individual, but shared. There are weekly discussion you post to, and other papers s well. I have a colleague at work that attended Phoenix, however, she ran into trouble with a "group project" because of scheduling difficulties.

    Special to note that the nursing program at Walden is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing education (CCNE), a national accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of education.

    I recommend that you go to the site and check it out, if you have any other questions email me.
    I've been looking at Walden myself. I'm very glad to hear that they don't do the group project thing. That's very aggravating. Good luck and thanks for the information.
  6. by   QTBabyNurse
    [font="comic sans ms"]since my last posting in this thread, i have come across nova southeastern university in fort lauderdale, fl. 100% online rn-bsn program. i have spoken to the person in charge of this program and have decided to apply with them. if you continue on with the msn program (which is my goal) they also have a nurse educator track as well. they will also apply a number of your bsn credits towards their msn program. that program too is 100% on line.
  7. by   happytoheal
    After much searching, South University is an online program that is very impresive up to this point. I decided to apply and look further into this program. If anyone has heard of the program, or has any experience, please share!


  8. by   CjHMSN
    Can you tell me your research of the online certifications? pros/cons, etc.

  9. by   JBudd
    I am in the UNM online nurse educator MSN program. I really like it, they are very flexible, and not nearly as expensive as Phoenix. We have students from all over the country, including Alaska, in our classes., click the HSC link.:mortarboard:
  10. by   12-lead/12-hours
    I'm currently at UOP in their MSN-Nurse Education program. For the most part, I have been satisfied. It is labor intensive, there is a project due practically every week. If you're speedy with the keyboard and mouse, and proficient with searching, file management, and WORD, you will appreciate the ease in which you can get assignments done. Beware of turning in assignments late, the points come off at the stroke of midnight if you have not turned in your work. Also, some instructors use a program to check your work for plagerism. They have a great library, and you receive all of your books electronically; I personally find it hard to read books on-line, so subsequently I go thru reams of paper and boxes of ink jet cartridges (I just hate that :angryfire ) And last, I think with all of the written projects that are required, one's reading and writing skills become sharper, nice! Other wise, not a bad deal at all !!! Hope this helps.
  11. by   Occ.healthnurse
    I read your post and I wanted to tell you that I am so thrilled with the University of Pheonix on line program. It is wonderful and very doable with a busy schedule. I just finished the BSN and will start the masters program in 2 weeks.
    Good luck with your decision!:mortarboard:
  12. by   Mommissy
    Fort Hays State University offers an all-online MSN with education or adminstration track. They are releatively inexpensive when compared to other schools and the program is very good. I have completed all of the coursework and just trying to get through the thesis!
  13. by   LadyT618
    I'm looking into both Walden and Graceland University (