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  1. Greetings,

    I am a relatively new nurse - just under 3 years of experience, who graduated from an ADN program then worked through an online ADN-MSN education program ( stopping for a break when I achieved my BSN) while working full-time. My long term goal has been to transition to teaching, as that is my passion.

    I was recently offered positions at my alma mater (community college) to teach clinicals as well as a local California university (via networking and good fortune). I've decided to pursue the university option for numerous reasons.

    I'm admittedly nervous about this new role (particularly since my path to get here was not at the university level) and am looking for advice from clinical instructors on resources they have utilized, best practices and lessons they've learned the hard way. I'd especially like to hear from those that may have followed a similar path (community college followed by online learning and taking it tot he university level). Im passionate about teaching and creating a meaningful experience for my students.

    Thanks in advance for your replies!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Not sure what books you were assigned as an MSN student, but I really like another book by the authors of this one about clinical teaching strategies. Haven't actually bought and read it yet, but it's on the list for the future.

    This one we were assigned and I like bits and pieces of it.

    Another resource that I would recommend is finding an experienced educator to work as your mentor. One of the schools I applied to (ended up not being able to take the position due to shared hiring with my current full time clinical job) actually has a program where new hires are paired up with another instructor who acts as a mentor and resource. Great program, and a way to facilitate the success of novice educators.
  4. by   amandaeganp
    Wow - this sounds very much like the situation I am in right now. I graduated with an ADN, worked in med surg for a little while. I've recently bridged into an MSN/DNP program. I'm almost a year into the MSN and have just accepted a job as a clinical instructor adjunct. Any advice?? I'm so worried I'm going to be figured out as an impostor. I start in a few weeks and am both excited and very scared!