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I have just started my 2nd semester of clinical and was introduced into the wonderful world of nursing diags. They are giving me FITS!!! :o Are there any suggestions (books, websites etc..) that could make grasping this concept a little easier? I have reviewed the NANDA listing.


I hand out this list to students but have not checked it this semester for accuracy. Also, this is my first attempt to attach to allnurses so HERE GOES



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When I was in nursing school I used the book:

Nursing Diagnosis Handbook, A Guide to Planning Care.

5th edition. By Ackley and Lidwig.

ISBN 0-323-01459-3.

I loved the book. It made it so easy for me.


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We just did our first careplan last week and spent two weeks in theory discussing them. Our text book is Nursing Diagnosis :application to clinical practice. by Carpenito. And also our fundamentals of nursing. They list the Nanda approved diagnosises, etiology, signs, symptoms, interventions, and rationale. We are learning the Roy Model so these fit very well with that. Hope this helps, I am waiting to get my care plan back to see if I passed or failed.

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I also purchased the Ludwig, Ackley book NICU Baby referenced. I like it very much and think it makes it easier for beginning students to understand diagnoses. I do not like the book my program told us to buy and have only used it once, decided I did not like and purchased the Ludwig, Ackley book.

Surprisingly enough, Nsg. Diagnosis books are created and organized differently.

Practice, Practice, Practice. I know it seems confusing now but you will be surprised how fast you catch on. Just get a couple under your belt, you'll feel more confident.

Also, do not be affraid to ask your instructors for advice or how they prefer you to do your diagnoses. My clinical instructor thought myself and all of my classmates were completely lost because our diagnoses and care plans were a mess. It turns out no one ever told us how specific we should be. Once she did that we were turning in excellent care plans.


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I would recommend photo copying the nursing diagnosis listed in the back of your Med/Surg textbook (or any other nursing book) and carry it around with you to clinicals. Keep it handy and refer to it often.

What helped me was reading the list over and over again so I was familiar with them.


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My school makes us use the Ackley and Ladwig book. It is helpful but only for certain diagnoses. I also have the Nursing Diagnoses cards by Taylor and Sparks, and also a Nursing care plan reference desk by Taylor and Ladwig. I am not sure how your semesters are at your school, but at mine we have OB/PEDI, MED SURG, and PSYCH and so far, by using those 3 things I was able to find what I needed and what I was looking for. Hope this helps.


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Thanks so much for those websites, they are wonderful.


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I pretty much just memorized them. My school handed out a list of NANDA approved and school approved nursing dx. They said that we didn't need to use all of the NANDA dx because many of them were for apn's.

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My med/surg book had examples of nursing diagnosis for each "problem" in the chapters. For example, our chapter on respiratory disorders, there were all sort of diagnosis for respiratory problems.


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Thank you all so much for your input!!!

Have a good day!!

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