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Im in a LPN program and im having trouble with writing out a nursing diagnosis. Im having trouble with the related to far i have acute pain r/t anxiety and unfamiliar environment aeb.....

im not sure if i can use that as the related to part???

skighler said:
My instructor specifically told us DO NOT buy a care plan book because you will not be writing them as an LPN. You need to understand them absolutely, but you are not permitted to write them. At least that's here in Pa

although that is true we don't actually write them in my program we had to do a "professional paper"/care plan every semester and needed at least 5 nrsg dx for it. so I did get a NANDA book and it was sooo helpful!! but I think it was silly considering we don't actually write them. Something interesting also.. LOL if you look in your PT's chart some facilities have the actual care plans that nurses have made on the PT exactly in nrsg dx form with interventions so you can try looking in your PTs chart to see what the other nurses put

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