Waiting for an employer response

  1. I have been applying for jobs and when I come back to the website account to check the status is always"in consideration" or "reviewing submit". My problem is that some of this application are actually 2-3 years old. I have already called HR and they always tell me to wait and keep applying. Can someone help me understand what is going on?
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  3. by   BSNbeauty
    It means they are just not that in to you. I know the feeling and can sympathize. Try volunteering and networking. I've even called unit managers directly to sell myself.
    Good luck
  4. by   Williams75
    Thank you so much! I even had a situation where I went through all the process(clearance,background and test) and I passed in every step and they never called me again. Extremely rude! I never applied there again. I am trying to network but it seems very ethereal to me. Thanks!!
    P.S: After I send an application how much time you believe I should wait for a response.
  5. by   HouTx
    Everyone rushed in to implement online application systems. However, there are a lot of really bad ones out there. The best systems have automatic 'reminders' to make sure that users (HR & hiring managers) update them when they are supposed to. They also have features that update information for the applicant & notify you when something changes. As time goes on, you will appreciate those 'good' application systems.

    There is never an excuse for rudeness or lack of even common courtesy such as notifying you if you were not selected. One positive aspect - you don't want to work for a company that would employ those horrible people, right?
  6. by   Williams75
    Thank you HouTx! This are major hospitals in Philly area:-(. Sad! I have to find out away to get what I want.
  7. by   BSNbeauty
    I personally wait a week or so then follow up with HR to see if any progress was made. Worked for me so far. I have had many jobs,now if I can just find one I really like and stay put.
  8. by   MeganTyreeRN
    Honestly, it's so hard waiting for that email, call or any type of communication. ESPECIALLY if its one of those jobs that you really, really want. I got advice from a friend today who used to be a hiring manager (non-nursing) and she said "if it was between two applicants and one of them had taken the time to give an extra 'thanks', either by email or phone, I would usually end up with them"...
  9. by   Nascar nurse
    Just another perspective....

    As a nursing manager, I've always taken pride in making the best attempt to let applicants know where they stand. Recently I have taken a new DON position in a brand new beautiful facility. I am literally receiving 10-20 applications/day and the facility secretary is fielding at least 10 or more calls/day for me. There is NO WAY I can begin to keep up with that and supervise resident care as well. I can't begin to explain the craziness of the sheer volume of applications I am receiving. It's sad but I have given up...I simply keep adding them to my file folder. It sure would be sweet to have a personal secretary to help me but I don't.

    My point...if you are in my file folder, I apologize and it's not personal. At this point it is simply survival.
  10. by   Williams75
    NASCAR Nurse: I truly appreciate the honesty. It is very nice to have another perspective.
  11. by   LadyFree28
    Quote from Williams75
    Thank you HouTx! This are major hospitals in Philly area:-(. Sad! I have to find out away to get what I want.
    I just had someone contact me from my résumé over a year ago. It also took me three months after I went through the first phone screen to start the job. It's a process, as well as lots of hospitals are undergoing changes, hiring freezes, as well as JC revaluations in the Philly area.

    It truly depends on the computer systems, how strong your résumé is, etc.

    I had to take away my cover letter and focus on tweaking the résumé, which got me noticed more. It took me two months post licensure to tweak my résumé, I got an email and a phone screen within a week of the tweaked résumé, and then the process if interviewing, making a decision, reference check, clearance information to get a decision. I got the job the Friday before Christmas, and started the 4th of last month, after fingerprinting, screens, health screens, to clear me to start.
  12. by   Williams75
    LadyFree you reply is great. I was feeling a little bit down because of this ordeal.
    I am in the process of reevaluating everything and trying to get new certifications.
    Maybe I got used to the time where you could get a job in a couple of weeks in Philly.
    This was a breath of fresh air. Thanks!
  13. by   Williams75
    I took a mental note and I will try to engage a little bit more. I am always afraid to be pushy. :-)