1. Needing advice,
    I was terminated from my job, BIG surprise to me. It was awful. Never happened to me before. I feel I was terminated because someone didn't like me. I started working there in January 2018. Had my first review May 2018. It was the worst review I've ever received in my time as a nurse/person. One of the items on the review I did not do. I voices this during my review and wrote my comments down on the review paper. Then, yesterday, July 13th I go to work and find out I am being terminated AFTER I was asked by my supervisor to fill out an incident report that happened on June 21st. They take me to the HR office and told me because of this issue that happened on my first review happened in this related issue on the incident report, I was asked to fill out I was being terminated. I refused to sign the form. Then was asked if I wanted to resign I said NO. I kept my mouth shut, cried a little and politely asked if I could leave. ... I feel I've been discriminated against because I failed to bow down to a physician. I was coroused into filling out this incident report. I was provided no training or support to "fix" the issue with what I was accused of the first time. Can I sue?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Of course you can sue if you can find an attorney to take your case, but the question is, can you win? Not likely. The employer will present your file of reasons for the termination. Give yourself a few days to process the emotions, then plan a job search, and start looking for that new job.
  4. by   smoogle55
    thanks, the job was PRN so I've already got options a d another door has already opened BUT how do you just let this go? It wasn't right.
  5. by   elkpark
    They were doing you a favor by offering you the option of resigning -- since you turned them down, you are now officially fired and that will follow you through your career. You say you have another job lined up now, but, in the future, when you are applying for jobs, you need to be prepared to talk about the termination without saying anything negative about your former employer or blaming the situation on anyone else. People do recover and go on after this kind of thing, all the time. Best wishes!
  6. by   smoogle55
    In the moment I thought they knew they were wrong and me resigning just takes the headache I will be causing them off their shoulders....they did wrong by me, it was a PRN job and I already have 3 other jobs
  7. by   NurseBlaq
    If you felt like the incident wasn't your issue you shouldn't have filled out the incident report. That appears to be what they're using against you along with the review. The review I can't speak to because I don't know the details of that.

    Nevertheless, just take it as a learned lesson and don't put that job on applications in the future. Move on and reflect on what you could have done different and what you can improve upon.

    Just FYI: I would have refused to sign too if I didn't agree with it but I would have also requested they sign, date, and note I refused to sign then provide me a copy before I leave. I have seen facilities assign some twisted lies to people once they left. I have also seen facilities railroad people which is why I document go protect me, not the facility.
  8. by   Mavrick
    You can sign and add that your signature only attests that you have read the paper and received a copy not that you agree or admit to anything stated in it.
  9. by   traumaRUs
    Per our terms of service, we can not answer the question about a lawsuit. Best to consult a lawyer.