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  1. Dear Nurses and students:
    I am a pre-nursing student in Tennessee and I recently applied to my school's RN(ASN) program and was not accepted. I have a strong GPA but apparently its not good enough this run. After hearing the news I became very depressed and not knowing where to go from here. I am currently taking summer classes required for a 4 year degree and will be applying to another school here in my town next spring but they only accept 30 people. Due to the insane amount of nursing applicants I am concerned I will not get into a program in my town. Does anyone have any advice or can you reccommend any nursing schools? i dont want to give up because I want to be a nurse more than anything but Im worried about my future. Any feedback would be most helpful!
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  3. by   purplemania
    Where in Tennessee are you? Would you be willing to relocate? I would apply at EVERY nursing school around you, and ask to see an advisor or instructor from the nursing school. Then I would tell that person eyeball-to-eyeball what my goals are. Then ask about criteria for admission and what could you do to increase your chances. I believe that personal touch beneficial as they could see you are earnest in obtaining your goals. Be sure to dress conservatively and smile a lot.
  4. by   hopeful student

    [font=Comic Sans MS] Thanks for your immediate response to my post. Everything you mentioned Im already on top of that's the frustrating thing. The nursing schools here(Chattanooga,TN) are not helpful thus far. I would like to think of myself as a very hospitable and courteous person and I have asked questions but recieve no specific answers. The funding for Tennessee education is very limited right now so I believe the advisors give us a very shady outlook on the programs expectations to keep us funding for their schools. The only thing they told us was that we needed to maintain a 2.5 (average GPA was a 3.6), the deadlines, and that they base their selection on a point system. I went to the offices to pay visits and all of my teachers know me by name so I felt like I took the correct inititatives. They only accept 100 people a year and 703 people applied and the waiting list is full. I made the mistake of not applying to the other University here b/c I knew I couldnt afford it and hadnt looked into Financial Aid which Im in the process of now. The other school that I will be attending is a 4 yr. school and they only accept 30 people. Naturally they will be picking applicants taht have taken more classes at their university and since i have taken more at a community college im very nervous. This has been a very confusing and frustrating process but I am determined to achieve my goal. I took the weekend off and went and looked at a school in Georgia that I will be sending an apllication to so hopefully something good will happen in the future. Wow! I am so sorry I have rambled this much about my concerns! Anyway, again thank you so much for your reply!
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  5. by   Energizer Bunny
    What are your options as far as moving out of state? (meaning farther away..possibly even across the country?) I know that tuition goes up for out of state schools when you aren't a resident for a certain period of time, but if you want it as badly as you sound like you do you might want to look into it.
  6. by   KrystleBleuRN
    Hey there....
    I feel for you and the tough time you are having getting into school. While it may be frustrating for you, just know that everything happens for a reason. May seem silly but...if you want to be a nurse then go for it with everything that you have because there are so many needs out there and to see a person so dedicated is a wonderful thing to see...
    I'm including a few links that may help with financial aid. Also, have you looked into the local hospitals in the area? Many hospitals will pay for your schooling (usually two years) if you agree to work for them for a time after you graduate.
    It might help! Look into it...

    The help is out just have to find it...
    Hope this helps...
  7. by   harika
    i want to start my career as lpn.i am 3 years graduate.what i need to do.
  8. by   prinzessdy
    hi hopeful, I applied to a school in tn ( currently in Mn) and got in right away! I too was worried about the acceptance process because I also took my prereqs at a different college and I dont have a 4.0 GPA. The only downfall is that it is a private college (Milligan college in Johnson city), and my tuition ridiculous . My financial aid covered all but $1500 so that was ok. I figured that I only had two years to go and because I was applying out of state, I would have to pay OOS tuition which amounted to the same cost. Keep checking out all of the schools in your area and beyond. Good Luck!
  9. by   krisfroggie
    HI!! I completly understand what you are going through. It took me a year after completing my required classes before I was accepted. If I had not been accepted to an RN program, I was going to enter an LVN program and the "bridge" over. Just do not give up!!!! Good luck!!
  10. by   Groovydogg
    work in a hospital. that looks real good on the application!
  11. by   hopeful student
    I just wanted to thank you so much for your response to my post. The websites have been most helpful. thanks a ton for the support and optimisim.