sad; cna job about to end....

  1. I was put on the 3-11 shift when i started and they worked with my schedule in the fall for school. I told them i'd be starting nursing school in march and they said not a problem. Now, i get a call today telling me that they can only put me on for thursdays 3-11 and two weekends of the month daylight but that's all. I have expenses to pay so will be going to another job. my last day will be the 26th. this place is 12 miles from my house and along with all the traveling i will have to do for school most of my paycheck would go in the gas tank. it's sad, i gave them ample time but four months must not be enough. i'm upset cause i won't have any benefits and my health insurance will now be gone. just had to vent.
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    Sorry for the changes happening. Nursing school certainly requires a lot of sacrifices.

    May I suggest making sure that you get some sort of insurance policy? I'll bet there is a cheap student health plan through your school. Please - I can't emphasize enough the importance of maintaining your continuous coverage.
  4. by   Tweety
    I'm sorry to hear. Keep your eye on the goal and do what you gotta do. Take care.
  5. by   Blackcat99
    Sorry to hear that you will need to leave your job. That's a shame.
  6. by   Fiona59
    Look on the bright side. You have posted in the recent past that you were unhappy with this job. You now have the chance to find something that will suit you better.

    Good Luck. Look into the health insurance offered by your school, usually its affordable and pretty good coverage.
  7. by   Purple Princess
    i love being a cna but am finding alot of nursing homes just don't appreciate their aides as much as nurses. We get dumped on alot, short staffed, and constantly have to deal with cocky attitudes of nurses. so i like taking care of residents but not in long term care. hospitals want the more experienced aides. and most employers can't deal with a nursing school schedule cause it's usually varied and odd hours. 1 hour here, 3 there..... so i will probably take a break from the cna arena while doing lpn school and go back to walmart in the deli. a cut in pay, yes, but right now i don't care. They do offer a health insurance package for 30 dollars a month there, and i could take that until i got something better. My boss really liked me and will probably welcome me back with open arms at Walmart! i'll keep ya posted.
  8. by   Havin' A Party!
    Great to see you had a back-up plan. Carry on with it.

    But also keep your eyes and ears out for other opportunities more aligned with your larger goal. I'm always checking out other possibilities that may be better fits / more lucrative in all ways.

    Good luck to ya!