nursing, or radiology??

  1. I need some advice.

    I am still trying to decide which to go into..nursing or radiology. My friends all want me to be with them in nursing school and I was even told by a school councelor that I should be a nurse instead of a rad tech because the field of nursing is "so broad".

    My heart says that what really interests me is medical imaging, but everyone else says I'll just get bored, and there is no where else to go if I'm a rad tech, because if I get tired of one area of nursing I can go into another, etc. But I have looked at the fields of nursing and I don't really see anything that interests me as much as rad tech. I love imaging, I've always been into photography, and I honestly don't think I'll get bored. But maybe I'm missing something and should listen to everyone else??

    Your thoughts, please!!
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  3. by   renerian
    You can always travel if you do either option so things would not get boring. Do what you want to do.

  4. by   S.N. Visit
    Follow your heart! Sounds like you really want to be a rad tech.
    I think you should go for it
  5. by   WhyO
    I hear radiology techs make more money.
  6. by   manna
    Funny, I've always heard nurses make more (and I believe they do around here).

    I've been waffling back and forth between nursing and med imaging myself, so I can relate!

    Rad tech is not a narrow field either - there are many ways you can diversiry/work in different areas there as well - ultrasound, CT/MRI, CVT, nuc med, rad therapy, etc.

    Good luck making your decision.. is a great RT board!
  7. by   ana115
    Thanks all for your replies! I'm still thinking.
  8. by   manna
    Originally posted by ana115
    Thanks all for your replies! I'm still thinking.
    Maybe go take a career aptitude test, or talk to a different school counselor? Do some job shadowing?

    Good luck deciding.
  9. by   firstmate
    You should shadow both job options to get a real feel for them both ask ask ask questions and then go with your gut.
  10. by   maeyken
    Definitely do what you want to do! If your job is your passion, you won't get bored! If you're not so sure about nursing, then I'd say go for MIT. It sounds like that is what you truly want to do. And the other thing is, if you do it for a number of years, and do indeed get bored, you can always go back to school!

    One of the girls I live with is doing medical imaging, and she loves her program. And I agree, it is a very broad field as well. I proofread one of her essays that talked about the different things that med. imaging techs can do and it sounded like there are a lot of options.

    Whatever decision you make, I wish you good luck and good study skills!! You'll need them!
    ~ Mae
  11. by   lyv33
    I vote for radiology and I'm a RN.
  12. by   sigpro
    rad. tech in nuc. med. specialty makes at least $10 more per hour than regular rad. tech., this is additional training after the two yr. program of rad. tech., unless you can get directly into the nuc. rad. tech. prog. I'm seriously thinking about going back to school for rad. tech. program.