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Hi! I just wanted to start a thread to get info and keep each other updated on the GN residencies available in the Houston area. So far, I have applied to TCH, Houston Methodist, and Harris Health. ... Read More

  1. by   apgxo_
    Just wanted to post a quick update. HCA has started calling with offers, was actually surprised it was very quick, as the interviews were just last Wed. I received an offer, if anyone is wondering they give you 2 days to verbally accept/decline it. While harris health has not started interviews (that I know of) I know they give 1 day to accept or decline their offer, if anyone was wondering.
  2. by   sikamikanico
    Does anyone know what the pay increase is after the first year for HCA? and if it's still $27.28/hr during orientation?
  3. by   NurseMo17
    The hiring event for HCA last week, was that for May graduates only, or anybody?
  4. by   holageelaura
    I interviewed for St lukes TMC as well on 3/10... it's been a month & I don't know of anyone who has gotten an answer back. I'm kind of nervous since they said we will likely hear back within 1-2 weeks post-interview. But it's been a month so idk what to think
  5. by   AnimalCrackerS
    @holegeelaura Some info for you - I have heard of people getting job offers from St. Luke's TMC back in March/start of April. Could depend on what unit you are applying for. Some people say the specialties take longer because of the amount of applicants. Good luck to you.
  6. by   AnimalCrackerS
    @NurseMo: It was just for GNs that applied for the Summer 2018 GN program.
  7. by   AnimalCrackerS
    @Jesstad: Was this the TMC location? What unit?
  8. by   Jesstad
    TMC location, Stroke/Med surg overflow
    Unit 6SW
  9. by   Jesstad
    @ Awj1108 What unit and what shift were you offered? Mine was 6SW (Stroke/Med surg overflow)
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  10. by   StudentNurse114
    Yes that is still the pay during orientation, not sure about afterwards
  11. by   StudentNurse114
    I received an offer from Bayshore in the Nursery that Monday after the interview event.
  12. by   NurseMo17
    Anybody that got hired with Houston Methodist know the specifics about the night shift differential pay rate? And if there's a weekend differential? Thanks in advance!
  13. by   kmb2308
    Have you heard if Harris Health started to call for interviews yet?