clinic job vs hospital job

  1. These are my first 8 months as RN.I graduated back on december 2010 and searched for a job for 4months.Finally I got hire for a local community clinic. Salary is excellent they pay me as new grad $2 more dollars than in a hospital, they offer two retirement accounts, my insurance is free (I only have to pay for Doctor visit),offer low cost babysitting benefits,but I am not gaining experiecence as a RN. I only do patient education and I am on the phone 60% of my time scheduling patients visits or diagnosis studies.

    I recently got accepted to work for a hospital, salary will be decrease for $0.50 less than my current salary, I have to wait 2 1/2 months to get benefits and for my children to get insurance benefits,only offer 401k retirement,but I will gain a lot of experience as a RN, and will be able to move to different departments if I wish after working for one year in the hospital. What should I do? should I exchange experience for benefits and decrease salary? or should I stay in the clinic with good benefits but gaining not experience?

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  3. by   Lola89
    I started working at a hospital because I felt that I would not be gaining any real RN experience at a clinic and boy do I wish I actually worked at a clinic. I can go into all the reasons why I don't like floor nursing but that is for another post.
    I think you have to stop and think about what your career goals are, where do you truly want to be and why. Why do you feel that it is not real RN experience? who said that the hospital is the only place where you can get that. Being a nurse means a lot more than knowing how to hang IV bags and suction a pt. Yes, working at a hospital is good experience but don't minimize the experience that you can get at a clinic.
    I wish I could tell you what to do exactly, I know what the right answer is for me but because I know what working at a hospital is really like. Go w/your gut instinct, at least this is a good predicament...choosing between 2 jobs best of luck.
  4. by   paddler
    I started in SNF right out of school and went to a clinic for 3 years and a few other settings since and my career path has never been a detriment to me for "lack of skills". There are many ways to apply nursing skills and at a clinic things can get crazy too! Working in a clinic can get routine and boring but so can the floor in a hospital. Benefits are a deal breaker or deal winner for me. I agree with PP that it depends on where you want to take your career, but it sounds like you have a sweet (albeit routine and boring) gig right now with awesome bennies! I'll trade places with ya!
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Since I do not like performing lots of procedural skills, being forced to make decisions now, providing care for the exact same patients during an entire 8 or 12 hour shift, and receiving verbal abuse from families at the bedside, I would stay at the clinic if I were you. Of course, I prefer workplaces with lower patient acuity, so you can take my advice with a grain of salt.
  6. by   Marshall1
    Before you make the leap, would it be possible to work PRN at the hospital until you get a better idea of what is entails? If you didn't have children to consider that would be one thing but the 12 hr shifts are rarely 12 hours, the schedule changes and weekends and holidays in a hospital setting are usually required.
  7. by   NickiLaughs
    If you are happy at the clinic job, and it appears to be a long term stable job...I can't say I'd change it. For some reason every nurse feels they have to get their "hospital experience" when it entirely depends on what you want to do in life. There is no other career where we all feel obligated to work in a specific narrow portion of that industry. It's like saying you have to be a income tax accountant before you can branch into other areas. Yes, in some areas the skills you'd learn in med surg or in general hospital nursing can benefit you, but that doesn't mean you are shut out in every area. Go with your gut.
  8. by   netglow
    Stay at the clinic. You know already and appreciate that this is a good job.
  9. by   Tepidorchid
    Leave the clinic so I can have that job :-P
  10. by   hspencer
    What is your job title because that sounds like the exact job I'm looking for! Little patient care and more of an office setting.
  11. by   Marshall1
    If anyone really is interested in clinic positions go to

    USAJOBS - The Federal Government’s Official Jobs Site

    There are plenty listed now (outpatient based clinic) in various states. This is for the Fed. Gov't so you can't be in a hurry to get hired but if you are seeking a M-F 8-5, no weekends/holidays/call kinda thing, this is a good place to look. Like w/most Fed. things, the web site is a little confusing and not very user friendly so play around w/it. Use key word "nurse" versus "RN" that kinda thing.
  12. by   soreadyRN
    Yes I've started in the hospital in a tough, low income city and have been here a little over a year, I am desperately looking for a clinic job. I completely agree with the verbal abuse of patients, under staffing and hectic dynamic of the floor is not for me. Not to mention the inconsistent schedule where every week varies, rotating day and nights. If any one has any tips on getting into a clinic please let me know asap!

    Thank you!