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what would working in a catholic hospital be like? is there any reason to be concerned about the atmosphere in one? i have a job offer and have heard some negative things about catholic... Read More

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    Quote from hogan4736
    Of course it's extreme...

    It's also wrong...

    "Judge not lest ye be judged"
    It's not an 'expected' job benefit if it is pointedly not offered as a job benefit.

    And, it has NOTHING to do with judging others. It's about judging self and the morality of being culpable in an act that you morally disagree with. The 'sin' involved is NOT the actions of another, but the action of self by being complicit.

    You're free to be whatever the law allows without being judged. You're not free to demand that others violate THEIR morality to support yours. Once we go down THAT road, the inevitable consequence is that someday YOUR morality will similarly by subject to the moral demands of others. It is a two way street.

    Or to quote Justice Scalia recently to the President of the ACLU regarding the dangers of using the Supreme Cabal to legislate liberal morality: "Someday you are going to get a very conservative Supreme Cabal and you will regret that approach."

    Be careful how you define the rules if you don't want to someday be forced to play by those same rules.

    Besides, most Catholic hospitals, just like mine, have FSA accounts that allow you to put back money tax free for federally defined health expenses. The benefits of working for a Catholic hospital frequently far outweigh this one issue, an issue that can easily be financially covered by other means.

    In fact, the value of my pension (defined benefit AND define contribution) plans alone more than compensates for such inconveniences. As does my higher base salary (4 dollars an hour more than the non-Catholic for profit in the same community) and a decent regard for ratios (6:1 med/surg, 5:1 tele, 2:1 CCU - in Texas, and not Calif.) and not having to 'float' - ever.

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    They're making value judgements (you may call them business decisions) based on Vatican policy.

    Of course if they explicitly outline the place as "forbidden" then the consumer can have no such expectation...That's obvious to all...

    I guess I just object to a hospital telling me where to seek medical care based on religious convictions, when they are given certain STATE tax shield benefits based on their religion and non profit status.

    My last hospital had contracts with certain local urgent care facilities, likely based on financial ties, not religious dogma...
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