BSN to OT? Possible?

  1. Hello!

    If you're reading this, I'd thank you if you give some help, and advice!

    I will start my senior year in August, and healthcare careers have caught my attentions. I was expecting to be a psychologist; however, due to the fact that if you get a BA degree is possible that you won't get a job in the field you want to until you get a MA and a PhD I just abandoned the idea.

    So, I thought of becoming a nurse. At first I wanted to study psychology because of the idea of working with patients, and as a nurse I would do the same, but I could find a work more easily without so much trouble (I think, correct me if I'm wrong please)

    After I get a BSN degree I'd like to work and do a MA in Occupational Therapy. Is it possible or advisable? Also I think that as a nurse I would have more clinical training and the skills to treat people and to help them. Most people that seek a MA in OT are psychologists, or biologists; what about BSNs?

    If you don't recommend this, what Bachelor degree would you recommend me? I like sciences and humanities, though I'm not so fond of math.

    I just want to try my best in life, and help people to have a better quality of life, and for me there's nothing more rewarding than that.

    Thank you for all!
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  3. by   Marisette
    let me take a guess at this. It sounds like you want to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing and afterwards pursue a Masters degree in Occupational therapy. I don't want to discourage you, but it sounds like you will be in school a long time. There are fast track programs or schools that facilitate degrees in nursing to people with other careers such as a counselor or therapist. However, I don't believe this is the case for occupational therapist. Perhaps you can use some of the classes taken for your BSN to meet requirements for an occupational therapy program, but most won't transfer over. Nurses and Occupational therapist have very different job descriptions. I'm not familiar with any fast track career alternative educators or schools that "fast tract" nurses into occupational therapist. You will have to start from the beginning and work your way to a masters in occupational therapy.
  4. by   hope3456
    I would find out what the prerequisites are to get into an OT program. It may be doable from where you are. From what I have seen they have a much more rewarding job. But I'm not sure i would do both.
  5. by   Edwin123
    I think it's doable. Nevertheless, is it recommendable? What I meant was that I wanted to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, then graduate, and after that I could find a job as a nurse while I'm applying to pursue a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy.

    My final goal is to become a Occupational Therapist and the only way to do so is being a Masters program in OT; and have a degree in Nursing as a back up. That's my idea.

    I just want to pursue a bachelor that would guarantee me a stable job and that is clinical-related, and nursing seems to be the best option. What do you think?
  6. by   hope3456
    I think you need to do alot more research into each. You will find that obtaining a health care degree is different than liberal arts - and arguably more difficult. The OT I work with had her BS in biology and then got accepted into an OT program. I'm sure there are certain prereqs you need to take within the undergrad degree but I couldn't tell you what they are. I'm thinking you could finish your psychology degree and then get into OT program.

    And BTW nursing isn't as stable as you think.
  7. by   HM-8404
    That seems like a round about way to become an OT. Why not just finish your BA in psych, add the additional prerequisites needed for the OT program then apply. Nursing school is too hard and too expensive only to use as a "back-up" plan. Not to mention you would be taking the seat in school from someone that actually wants to be a nurse.
  8. by   meanmaryjean
    Why not this instead? Pursue an OTA program (2 years, Occupational Therapy Assisting) and then finish a BS/BA and apply to MS OT programs. That is what my daughter is doing. So she'll be working as an OTA, have the job experience (and possibly tuition assistance) and decide if it's work she enjoys before committing to a MS program.
  9. by   HouTx
    Agree with meanmaryjean. Nursing is no longer the stable, fail-safe career fallback it once was. Waaaay too much investment if your eventual goal is OT.
  10. by   lovelyb26
    hi!! I was sort of in your shoes but I wanted to become a nurse practitioner in orthopedics instead of going to occupational therapy school. The lines were entirely too long for nursing school plus my heart wasn't there. I decided to go ahead and go to occupational therapy assistant school (2 years) after I finished my degree. I finished my degree last year and I am starting the ota program in August. In my opinion its better to go this route since I already had a degree and family. After I work as a cota for a year I can bridge over to mot(master's in ot) online while working in a 16 month program. Hope I could help.