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  1. lovelyb26

    MGCCC program clinicals

    Are you doing the program part-time?
  2. lovelyb26

    Hindscc LPN Program

    Hello! I have some questions about the program. What were the days that you had class? Is the schedule pretty set? I'm trying to figure out what type of work schedule I will have. Just to give my boss an idea of what this will be for a while. lol I'm already planning and they haven't even started reviewing applications for next June.
  3. lovelyb26

    2015 Lpn students and graduates!!!

    Hello! I have not started the lpn program yet but I am applying for a part time lpn program at a local community college. I'm excited and nervous. The wait of knowing if I got in is killing me. I won't know anything until March of next year.
  4. I'm sorry you weren't able to start this year!! We will be classmates next year!! how many nights out of the week does your friend go to class? That's the only thing I'm worried about, kind of. I just really want to work full time but I just may have to go to part time.
  5. lovelyb26


    I'm glad I ran into this today!! Thank you. Are you getting your RN now? I hope your doing well and keeping it going.
  6. lovelyb26

    Hindscc Part-time/weekend LPN

    I literally just applied last week for the part time weekend program for next June. I just passed the teas v for the program last week as well. Now I'm just waiting on the acceptance letter in February. Do you all have classes every weekend? Congrats on getting in the program!!!!
  7. lovelyb26

    Hindscc Part-time/weekend LPN

    Hello, I am currently applying to Hinds part time weekend program! I really pray I get in. How are classes going for you all? I'm so nervous and I'm sure I will be for the next 7 months.
  8. lovelyb26

    Texas NICUs

    I love this post!!! Thanks so much for your response. Hopefully more people will give more information. I really desire to move to Dallas after completing nursing school.
  9. Thank you so much for your help and great advice. I really appreciate this post I'm thinking about applying to my local accelerated program. I'm currently taking classes to get a 3.0 hopefully I get accepted if not I will just continue taking classes and boosting my gpa as much as possible.
  10. lovelyb26

    Experienced ICU thinking about Air Force

    I'm curious how did it end up working out? I'm just now looking into air force nursing. I got a lettor in the mail saturday. It sparked my interest a bit but I haven't even started nursing school yet.
  11. lovelyb26

    What are the odds? LPN Admissions

    I probably should have used other words in my title. I wasn't looking for odds on getting into the lpn program that I am applying for, I was asking in general how would it look bad that I retook the act and scored low even though I already had a substantial score on my act. Thanks so much for the help from everyone though. I am going to wait awhile and study and try to get into school next year. I'm going to study and retake my ACT and Teas V. :)
  12. lovelyb26

    What are the odds? LPN Admissions

    I'm trying to get into a lpn part time program and I know they get alot of apps. I signed up for the residual act because my math score was not high enough but I have a composite score 23. Well, the school contacted me and told me I only needed to take the teas v. Since I had already paid for the residual I went ahead and took it. I did really bad. I got a 18 composite score and a 15 in math. Way worse than the first time. Will this look bad to the reviewers? Do I still have a chance? I have to really do well on the teas v but I'm so bad at math and I freeze up on the test because I realize how I need the test. If I don't do well on my teas v on Jan. 20 I have to wait an entire year to apply again.
  13. lovelyb26

    Culture Shock & Big Girl Panties - Ch 2

    I literally searched to see this, I read the first blod about 3 weeks ago, and i'm glad I did. This is so helping me to keep on track and go for it.
  14. lovelyb26

    Go to Nursing School? NEVER!! Ch 1

    I can't wait for chapter 2!!!
  15. lovelyb26

    To all my non-hospital nurses

    I'm so glad you posted this I've been thinking idk if I want to be in the hospital whenever I finish nursing school. BUT I haven't even started yet so my mind may change while in clinicals.