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Hi everyone! Is anyone else here totally changing careers to go to nursing school? I guess I'm looking for a little encouragement that it's OK for me to want to get out of the corporate/business... Read More

  1. by   Dublin37
    Well Tanz, at least the in-bed hair washing will be a breeze for you!
  2. by   NursePru
    I'm switching careers too. I have a BS in Computer Graphics. I got tired of dealing with the pratically non-existent job market so I now work for a large corporation doing tech support--YUK! Not only do I hate the business environment, but I'm also sick of computers. I use to love them, but I barely use my PC at home now because I'm so sick of them. I know that every job is going to have something that we may dislike, but I feel like no matter what nursing throws my way, it will be rewarding and it is a career that means something. I just don't feel useful in the world when I'm sitting behind a computer. I'm getting ready to take A &P this fall and I can't wait. I know its going to be tough, but I've already purchased some flashcards and starting reading as much as possible to get a head start. I'll start applying to Nursing programs in December! Can't wait to get away from the business world and wear some scrubs!
  3. by   Dublin37
    Welcome Pru! I have a brother in law that lives in Maryland. Are you starting to see the colors change yet? Heather
  4. by   NursePru
    Not yet, but I can't is really pretty here in the fall. It's actually still really humid.
  5. by   Janieg
    Hi Amy,

    I'm a single mom of three. After divorcing, I went back to teaching special education. It's a jungle out there! I do like being in a helping field, but teaching school is not what it used to be prior to when I was a "stay at home mom" . I was beginning to take a couple of prerequisites so that I could get my ADN/RN since I already have my bachelors. I felt guilty going back to school because my son was only 2 weeks old so I quit. Now he's 9 and I'm currently taking an online Statistics class which is required for a BSN/RN. It's a bear and I'm wondering if I should just get a ADN instead so I don't have to take that and chemistry!! I can deal with Microbiology and anat & phys. but the other two!!

    Good luck!
  6. by   agent
    take them now and get through it cause if you want to get a BSN in the future you'll have to retake anyway
  7. by   TheLearingRN
    I have been in the corporate world for 10 years and have decided to change careers. I was tired of doing meaningless work and making other people richer on my expense. You're not alone. Good luck with what you decide.
  8. by   NicoleNW
    I graduated a little over 2 years ago with a bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems, and I am miserable in the "Corporate World." I realized that waking up each morning with a pit in my stomach isn't worth it!!! No amount of money is worth being miserable. So, I have decided to change careers and go into nursing b/c I definitely think it would be a rewarding career. Although, I don't know if I should obtain an Associate Nursing degree or a Bachelor's degree? I think it would be silly to get another Bachelor's since I already have a bachelor's degree. Any advice would definitely be helpful. I'm not too sure what the difference is between the two degrees?
  9. by   Dublin37
    Nicoles quote:

    "Although, I don't know if I should obtain an Associate Nursing degree or a Bachelor's degree? I think it would be silly to get another Bachelor's since I already have a bachelor's degree. Any advice would definitely be helpful. I'm not too sure what the difference is between the two degrees?"

    Hi Nicole. I have a BA also, and was a teacher some years back. I am getting my ADN in Nursing for now (RN). But I eventually plan on getting the BSN to MSN later when my kids are older. The difference is more pay, and usually a lead position of some sort. I EVENTUALLY want to probably teach nursing courses or head up new nurses in the hospital setting.
    But first things first, I've got to see if I love what I do. A lot of my friends are planning on going the Nurse Practitioner route, which is a Masters, and REALLY pays well. It just gives you more options. I am not in any hurry tho. So, yes, I will have two degrees or 3 when all is said and done.

    Good luck to you! Heather
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  10. by   ctrayford
    Hello Everyone!

    I too, am in a field that I feel completely useless in. I actually currently work in the field of healthcare in Chiropractic, but find that because our particular clinic is so slow, that I am stuck doing more office work than anything clinical.

    I am only 26 years old, no kids, AND, still live at home, but am TERRIFIED of making a career change. Why is this? I've done it once before, but for some reason, the (only second) time around is a LOT scarier to me. Maybe it's the fear of failure, which would make sense considering my reputation of being a perfectionist .

    Anyways, the bottom line is, I want to work in a position that allows me to feel fulfilled. I enjoy being a part of the healing process, and am nurturer at heart.

    I'm open to any and all comments/advice you may have.

    Thanks for listening...
  11. by   jwy66
    I am a social worker with a four year degree. Always wanted to be a nurse, and I am my own worst critic, thought I could not do it. I am applying for an LPN program in the spring, (wish me luck to get in). Once I finish that, its on to RN school.

  12. by   putta
    I am 38 years old,male, married, two children, presently living in India. Had been self-employed in the Electronics filed since 16 years, after Engineering course (could not pass out due to other reasons). Now, in debt due to heavy market down fall.
    Now, I am planning to get in to RN -AAS degree studies in NewJersey ! Also, in difficult situation to take proper decision, whether to get in to RN or LPN(and later to RN) or to my experienced Electronics Technology AAS. COULD ANY ONE GUIDE ME ??
    Rajendra Halemane.
  13. by   Pucci
    Yes, I am also a career changer. After working in the corporate field for the last 10 years and going to a community college pt for computers, for the last 3 years, I knew I didn't want to be in the field any longer. I decided to do nursing because I always had a desire and curiosity for it, but now I have a deep passion that is just blossoming inside me. I started my BSN program this fall. I love it!!!