8 Months Pregnant; New Grad; Interview

  1. My due date is April 1st.

    I graduated with my BSN in May 2012. I moved overseas for a few months and just got back. I'm currently studying for the NCLEX and plan to take it early March.

    I applied for a New Grad Position at a hospital. They are accepting applications in February and it states that the start date is in April (not sure what day). Well, I received an e-mail from the nurse recruiter for an interview next Wednesday. She stated that it's a preliminary interview and would take about 30 minutes.

    I would appreciate answers to both points:

    1. Should I address my pregnancy during the interview or do you think she will be likely to address it? (Am I less likely to get hired? I guess I would need to move my start date to at least May).

    2. What type of questions are asked by a nurse recruiter during a "preliminary interview"? Any thoughts? (I'm horrible at interviews).

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  3. by   LadyFree28
    1. You are going to have to address your pregnancy, lol ... I'm sure you are "visible" enough that the question is going to come up. Most likely if they feel you are what they want, they may make your hire date after you have the baby and after your 6 week check up, so about June-July, about the next time there is a new grad cycle, OR they may start in April, go through the hospital orientation, then wait for your nursing orientation after you have the baby and 6-weeks check up.

    2. Usually the 30 minute interviews are like the screening process...you are a new grad, so most likely, they may have a few units they may want to place you. If you have a prior work history, you will get into your experience, how your experiences shaped you and your nursing practice, as well as your experiences on your clinicals may come up. Based on this first process, they will select a unit for you to interview, if all goes well.

    Congrats on your baby and good luck on your interview!
  4. by   serenitylove14
    1. Most new grad programs have a definite start date. Idk of many that would hold off on you beginning because you are or have given birth. This depends on the program tho... Honestly if your not hard up on money, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy, and enjoy your baby for a couple months. I just went through a similar situation.
  5. by   BolBol
    Thanks for your responses.

    The interview was okay. I felt that my answers were good even though I was (obviously) nervous. She asked a few basic questions first and then some behavioral type questions. I did not mention my pregnancy as I do think I should have to disclose information about my private life.

    She told me that she is going to send me anything else that she needs from me via email (like transcripts, references, more questions). The next process is a panel interview with nurses. I'm hoping that means that I have a shot at the panel interview. (What do you guys think?).

    If everything goes as planned the program starts a little over 3 weeks from my due date. I sent her a hand written thank you card in the mail. I'm really hoping I get this job.
  6. by   not.done.yet
    They likely tell every candidate what the next step will be. I don't think that is indicative. I think if you did not tell them your due date, they are going to assume you won't be available to start when the program does. They cannot legally ask you, so it is impossible to tell.

    Good luck with both job search and pregnancy.
  7. by   RN12PTL
    They also legally can't make their decision based on you being pregnant. Don't mention it if they don't ask. It's not a legal reason to select or reject you. Be prepared with what you want though if they do ask. Like when you expect to be fully able to start, hours you can work, any accommodations you're expecting. That way if they do ask, you'll be ready with an asset and won't commit to anything you're not okay with doing. I had a friend who went to an interview at 8-8.5 months pregnant. She got the job! So there is hope!!! Good luck!
  8. by   BolBol
    I'm really trying to be hopeful because I need the job.

    The human resources specialist requested some documents from me via email. She also had me answer more questions. I got a phone call from her yesterday for a panel interview with a group of nurses. The interview is in a few days and I am so nervous. I have no idea what they will ask or what to expect. And I'm still not sure if I should mention my pregnancy. One of the questions in the email is if I was able to attend the work schedule and workshops... I wrote that I could.

    Please keep me in your thoughts. I hope I get the job.
  9. by   Nurse_
    You shouldn't mention anything about your pregnancy. If you talked about pregnancy, and didn't get the job, it could be grounds for discrimination.
  10. by   emerjensee
    Is this your first child? What kind of resources and support do you have at home?

    3 weeks is AWFULLY quick to get back to work none the less START a new and challenging job after a child. I know the idea of a new-grad job is exciting and desirable, but its a job, not a part of your new family. I highly recommend enjoying and spending time with your little one, because you'll never get the time back with them when they are that little.

    A little off topic from what you asked of us, but I think the bigger issue more then having to start later because of the baby is just what you'll physically and mentally be able to give to them with the incredible amount to dedication it takes to raise a newborn. I highly recommend considering taking a few months rather then a few weeks before you head straight into a position.

    Best of luck,

  11. by   BolBol

    Thanks for your response. I understand what you mean but you don't know a quarter of my story. I am more than capable of meeting the demands of having a family life and a career.

    Best wishes.
  12. by   BolBol
    Well, I just go back from the interview. I was SO nervous & couldn't think straight (think deer in headlights).

    I found out that it doesn't technically start until sometime in May. I am praying that they call me back. I hope they over look how nervous I was.

    Please wish me luck.
  13. by   St_Claire
    Quote from BolBol
    Well, I just go back from the interview. I was SO nervous & couldn't think straight (think deer in headlights).

    I found out that it doesn't technically start until sometime in May. I am praying that they call me back. I hope they over look how nervous I was.

    Please wish me luck.
    Good luck!!! Sounds like the start time is just about right.