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Someone said nurses get good pay-$25-30 an hour???? In the pharmaceutical world, where they employ lots of nurses I would say for a senior person $40-55 and up is more the norm. Why so pharmacists... Read More

  1. by   Nurse Ratched
    Originally posted by PhePhe
    If we don't demand decent wages and benefits, it devalues the work we do. A lot of nurses thnk it is wrong to focus in on wages, and that we should just be happy caring for patients. I think there is nothing wrong for standing up for what is deserved, like many professional and non-professional workers have done, and subsequently they make more than we do.
    As long as there are nurses who would rather be martyrs and accept low pay and benefits in exchange for caring for patients, management has no incentive to increase our compensation.
    I am not into martyrdom. However, I also don't expect to be paid $30+/hour without proving that I have something to offer my employer. I guess my question is the definition of "low pay." Carolina makes excellent points, especially re: folks with little experience asking for the moon in terms of pay and perks. If a nurse have little or no experience/skills to bargain with, shouldn't that nurse acquire those skills and experience first and then go after what he/she wants? Some folks seem to think they can walk out the door of the nursing school with their diploma and license and walk right into a higher-paying agency or travel job or management role.

    Getting our license is just the first step. Then we have to prove our worth.
  2. by   fergus51
    21$ in Chicago probably isn't that great. I personally think we need more new grads who are confident enough to bargain for the best package they can get. Obviously a lot will just have to put in a year or 2 before getting the real goodies, but I don't see anything wrong with trying for the best deal possible.
  3. by   Tilleycs
    EXCELLENT points, NR and caroladybelle, and I agree with every one of them. You're right, VERY few people make $30/hr with just an AA degree - heck, there are lots of people with FOUR-year degrees (and even advanced degrees) who aren't making that much - especially if you're just walking in after graduating.

    And you're right, NR, you don't get paid based on what you WANT (whether a salary, a schedule, or material things you wish you had), you get paid based on what YOU bring to the table. We all want to be paid more, but what do you bring to the table? If you want a raise, what additional skills, experience, or education do you have now? If you want that kind of money, you have to prove that you're worth it, especially with the economy the way it is.

    MOST people in ANY field have had to "shovel s**t" when starting out. It's just part of life, and makes you a LOT more appreciative when you advance later on. And if you think $21.40/hr is low to start out...
  4. by   caroladybelle
    As a matter of interest, as a travelor, I do make over $35.00 hour currently, plus housing and other benies that are standard.

    But I also log 125 hours education per two years, have chemo and onc certification, negotiate my contracts, and get a new state license (ahh, the paperwork) for each new state. I have 10 years experience.

    And I started at much much less......much much less...
  5. by   Tilleycs
    Excellent illustration of your point, caroladybelle. You make good money, but you've also put in your time and bring a LOT to the table. You also give up a lot (in terms of being at home and having, as you said in an earlier post, a seminormal schedule and life) for the money you earn.

    It's o.k. to TRY to get the best deal possible, fergus, but if you don't bring much to the table, you don' t have much to bargain with. Put yourself in the employer's shoes - someone marches in with nothing besides a two-year degree and is demanding $30/hr. What would YOUR response be? You don't get paid based on your potential.
  6. by   debRNo1
    Originally posted by oramar
    Don't want to upset you guys but my hubby is a plumber and makes $36.
    Wont upset anybody further but my hubby is a ROOFER and I wont tell you what he brought home last week :kiss

    With my experience pay and certifications I am making $35/hr in the hospital as a staff nurse with (good) full benefits.

    HOWEVER we live in NY where the cost of living is

  7. by   Tilleycs
    Good point, Deb. If some people make more money than people in other regions, you have to take the cost of living into account.

    And that's not even taking into account spending habits. If you make $100K a year, but have a $200K lifestyle...well, we've all heard of people like that. Better to be smart with what you DO make than bemoaning what you don't...
  8. by   mailnurse
    Originally posted by PhePhe
    Someone said nurses get good pay-$25-30 an hour???? In the pharmaceutical world, where they employ lots of nurses I would say for a senior person $40-55 and up is more the norm.
    Why so pharmacists and Physical Therapists command $75K right out of school--they used to make LESS than nurses.
    So what's your point?
    Maybe ridicule poor saps making $20-25/hr?
  9. by   naddy
    Hi there,

    I'm an RN, but I want to become a phramaceutical sales rep. Do you ladies know what I need to do to pull that off?

    I know nurses work for pharmaceutical companies, do you know the steps to take to become one?
  10. by   PhePhe
    I am just indicating how nursing experience is valued outside of nursing. Thats all. I did not call them poor saps--you did. So whats your point?
  11. by   Brad_RN_Student_PA
    Quote from oramar
    Don't want to upset you guys but my hubby is a plumber and makes $36.
    Yeah, but i bet he doesn't get POOPED on as much as we do!!
  12. by   adria37
    Nurses are paid low because "we don't do it for the money" a pet peeve of mine. If I didn't do it for the money I would be a volunteer and I think every nurse that says that phrase is harming nurses. We are educated professionals providing a service and should be compensated. If you don't do it for the money then be a volunteer. I have a family to support.
  13. by   peds4now
    Well, I think nursing is one of the few areas you can be fully hirable, have good career prospects, and make $30/hr to start with just an ADN degree! And the beauty is you can travel, do registry, specialize, consult, and make much more. I think it's still a profession where women can pull themselves up in life.

    I'd like to see the profession grow without losing that aspect.