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  1. by   ayemmeff
    Long time no see Bloke mate!
  2. by   Tookie
    Bloke mate - good to see you on the baord- thinsk we do need that wine and chees night/greet and meet thread - might stop pracrstinating and do it now
  3. by   renerian
    Stu I wanted to work at Baringa or the base hospital. Tried to get a sponser but I guess they are not that desperate for nurses. I know there is a shortage there as well..

  4. by   Grace Oz
    G'day mates, nice to see a few posts already.
    Tookie, hope all is ok in your area. My cousin lives in Kambah & fortunately they escaped unscathed. Let's all collectively send out thoughts to the universe for rain! LOTS & LOTS of it!!
    WELCOME to our new young 'un who has been accepted to begin nursing at uni. WELL DONE! You are amongst friends (mates!) here. As tookie said, keep in touch & us "Oldies" will help, guide, advise in any way we can. OK OK, not all of you is as OLD as me!! But I'm still drop dead gorgeous & barely a crinkle! LOL (As opposed to WRINKLE!)

    Before we accept just "anyone" as honourary AUSSIES, I think we need to have an initiation of some sort. Come on my fellow cobbers, any ideas?? :-) :roll

    Hope you all have a happy AUSTRALIA DAY on the 26th & I'll raise my glass to our collective good health! CHEERS!
  5. by   renerian
    Okay now what is Australia day? I will be awaiting my invite LOL.

  6. by   OzNurse69
    Oh come on now - if you want to be an HA you have to do a little research renerian - (or you could cheat & I could tell you!!)

    26 Jan is the anniversary of the day the First Fleet landed at what is now Sydney, & Australia was proclaimed as belonging to the British (don't even get me started on the concept of "terra nullis"!!) Anyway, basically now it is an excuse for a barbie, a few xxxx's & a get together with friends. And this year is even better cos it is on a Sunday (but I have to work - buggar!!)
  7. by   zdatny
    G'day to all,
    Glad to join in any Aussie issues forums,especially aged care or psych. I'm up here on the far north coast of NSW about 15 minutes from Byron Bay. It doesn't get any better than this.
    Cheers Bruce
  8. by   Grace Oz
    You don't have to brag! Lucky bugger. All that magnificent surf 'n' sea!
    Welcome to the AUSSIE section of allnurses. What a brilliant & kind thing Brian has created for us folks down here, down under! Thanks again Brian!...
  9. by   StuPer
    Hi Renerian,
    Have you tried going to the NSW Health web site and looked up nursing vacancies?..... the URL is http://www1.health.nsw.gov.au/healthjobs/index.html
    Look up the Mid North Coast and nursing... I think there are are some vacancies up Coffs way..... use some of the contact details to see if there is a sponsor...... good luck.
    regards Stuart
  10. by   OzNurse69
    Yeah, go away Bruce -- the rest of us don't want to associate with you!! (Really just green with envy about the fact that some people actually get paid to live in such magnificent country!!)
  11. by   Tookie
    Bruce have a SIL who lives just out of Byron Bay at Suffolk park - we spent 5 days up there for new year in 99/2000 - Beautiful country - went home via the Dubbo Zoo.
    Welcome Bruce nice to meet you
  12. by   Tookie
    Meant to ask you bruce - are you working in Aged care / Dementia or a pyscho geriatric unit?
    just being nosey
  13. by   zdatny
    HI Tookie
    I worked in psychogeriatrics at the PA hospital in Brisbane before moving to the coast in '99.
    Then I started in a dementia specific unit at a nursing home in Kingscliff, about 40 kms. from here. I just love working with the oldies, quite a change from acute psych, where I was previously.
    I don't think you are nosey, can't tell anyway from the photo.
    Its great to get to chat with my Aussie colleagues, as well as the wanna-be's.