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By request from some of you, We've have created a forum for Australian Nurses to discuss issues. Please be sure to tell others that might enjoy this forum. Enjoy! If any established users would... Read More

  1. by   bewbew
    also thank's to sehbear from bringing up this good idea!!
  2. by   Grace Oz
    I confer on you honourary AUSSIE title of MATE,
    COBBER & all round bloody good BLOKE! LOL

    So, my fellow cobbers / mates, who's going to be the first to instigate a thread aye? How about you TOOKIE? You always come up with interesting topics. We could talk about the cricket, or the tennis or the impending footy season. Then again, we could talk about all things nursing!! LOL.
    No matter what, I'm sure we will all have a ball
    here on our very own forum on allnurses.
    Maybe even organise an AUSSIE allnurses get together in time?? Now, THAT would be great fun!
    Perhaps some of our American mates might come down under for the occasion??!! Spread the word, AUSSIE allnurses is OPEN for business!! G'day & WELCOME to all!

  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Since I've worked with Aussie's at summer camp, can I be an honorary member? From their stories, I realized I wanted to travel to your country instead of Europe when I hit the lottery!
  4. by   OzNurse69
    No worries, mate! ANYONE can come & play with us -- we're a pretty friendly bunch!!
  5. by   Tookie
    Yes this is great and when we get over the current little problem that is happening in our area with the bush fires l will be able to be seroius - and think about good topics - Again thank you to Sehbar for thinking of the idea and thank you to Brain for following through
    I would love it lots of you offically non aussies become honory aussies

    Tonight when l first read the news i was 'excited' - (thank you big Kev)
    and had lots of things l thought we could start to talk about like accreditation issues bush nursing staffing levels in different facilites and pay rates just to mention one of 2- Howeve when l got home and heard the situation with the fires locally the thoughts went else where to now.- I will now put in an update on the fire thread l started - We are OK but worried -

    Looking forward to hearing and meeteing you all - Maybe we could start this forum off we a meet and rgeet (I can bring the wine and cheese)- Well l would have that herre and share it with you all over cyber space.

    Cheers all Tookie

    PS my first thought when l heard the news was wow - what a great Australia day present - just a little early - Now all l want is bucket full of rain
  6. by   Sairz
    Hi fellow Aussies!
    I have just been accepted into nursing at UWS in Sydney for 2003. I start in march..but Im keen to begin now! I cant wait. I want to eventually be a rural and remote nurse working somewhere in NSW within a small community. Do any of you work in rural/country hospitals? If so what is it like? What aspects of nursing will I need to study or specialise in? Your thoughts are welcome.
    Sandra, Its awful that the bush fires are directly affecting you. The news of Canberra and everywhere else for that matter is devastating. I had a tear in my eye as I watched the news on Sunday night and there is no doubt that I will be praying for rain. Keep safe and I will be thinking of you.
    Nice to meet all you Aussie nurses! Looking forward to participating in the nursing boards as I gain more knowledge and experience through uni. Keep safe everyone and God bless.
  7. by   ayemmeff
    Hi Sairz! G'day from an honorary member!!!
  8. by   Tookie
    Hi there Sairz
    Congratualtions on being accepted at UWS (is tha the University of Western Sydney- perdon my ignorance) You must be really thrilled to know you have been accepted.
    it will be a long road to travel however come here often ask questions, vent, share your thoughts, aspirations and keep us up to date as to how your going
    Its a good site and you will probably find lots of support in teh student section
    I am sure if you need local information some of us will be able to help - I hope so anyway
  9. by   renerian
    Does anyone live near Coffs Harbour? How about the base hospital?

  10. by   bewbew
    no, renerian, I'm in Victoria........
  11. by   StuPer
    Hello renerian,
    Well although not strictly an Aussie... (I'm a Pom maried to an Aussie)... I do work in Taree..... about an 2 1/2 south of Coffs.
    This is cool an Aussie forum.... will look forward to reading and contributing to this list. Can I just say first up that my heart goes out to anyone near or in some way suffering from the current bush-fires, as a pom I can say with deep admiration that it warms the cockles of my heart to see how Aussies come together in times of crisis. So if anyone is in strife, chin up mate 'cos we're here to help......
    regards Stuart
  12. by   StuPer
    Bugger, that was supposed to be 2 1/2 hrs south of Coffs....lol
  13. by   Bloke
    Crikey mate what a bonzer idea