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  1. by   Grace Oz
    CONGRATULATIONS sydneymum14! Wishing you every success.

    Talaxandra ... makes you appreciate what their [ fireies] job is like somewhat, doesn't it? I swear I could've fried an egg on the back patio it was so hot!
    Thankfully today we've received a respite!
  2. by   talaxandra
    Grace, too right - even watching the train services people hosing down the tracks, clad in reflective vests, made me feel hotter! I just cannot imagine being not just in this heat but near a fire, wearing full protective gear. They seriously rock and I hope this summer is nothing like last year.

    And yes - I write this basking in the cool breeze and listening to light rain.
  3. by   Grace Oz
    Glad you're receiving some rain there too. We did today and the temps have cooled .... which makes this ..... http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/mp/6670...-near-barossa/ ......... all the more tragic. I can't understand why they were evacuating given temps had dropped and we had rain. This is not far from home here. We travel to the valley on that road all the time. Heartbreaking. We did have code red for the past several days, but I didn't think we had it today.
  4. by   sydneymum14
    Still bloody hot today here in Sydney. Going to work tonight...I'll have the air con on indeed.
  5. by   JanisM
    I'm with you guys- it's a stinker alright! I spend the day getting in & out of a hot car, and when I get home it's straight into the paddling pool!
  6. by   sydneymum14
    Nice and cool today. Only 4 weeks till I start uni..excitemnet plus....so excited I cn't spell... Will give up my "day job" and only work the evenings but I prefer them anyway...had to say goodbye to one of my regulars as I won't see her again...sad but it is the nature of the job.
  7. by   talaxandra
    Aaaaaaaaaaand snow in Victoria!
  8. by   Grace Oz
    Are you serious?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. by   talaxandra
  10. by   JanisM
    Ok I won't complain about the heat anymore!
  11. by   Melinda_ash
    Quote from suzanne4
    When I was still in Thailand, I was a close neighbor...........do I get points for that??????
    Hpw are you all doing ,, Amjust a new menber here
  12. by   talaxandra
    Welcome, Melinda

    I notice that the last post before yours was me complaining about the heat - and in true Melburnian tradition I'll now complain about the rain: hailstones as big as golf balls, the ward next to mine had to shut 10 rooms due to storm damage!
  13. by   aliceluzon
    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if any of you like to travel or know of the best way to go about viewing the best of Australia and New Zealand. I'm currently in my first semester of Nursing School; I am set to graduate in December of 2011. I like to plan in advance and I've decided to give myself a trip to your part of the world as a present to myself for graduating; I'll have a couple of friends tagging along with me to make it more fun. I thought it would be a great time to relax from school, see a new part of the world and check out nursing opportunities in AU and NZ while I'm at it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Janel