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At the moment we have an Australian forum - would you like a seperate thread or have an incorporated into an ANZAC type thread - l think becaause we are btoh small countries with in many ways... Read More

  1. by   nyapa
    Oh just realised that the name was changed to Oz and NZ. Shame Oceania couldn't be incorporated somehow, but never mind, its good that we are all together. Oh btw, who says we are Down Under. From our concept of the world, its all the rest of the countries that are down under. It's a historical thing. We are under Britain and Europe according to the original map makers. But what if maps were originally made in Australia, NZ and Oceania? That would put Oceania at the top of the world! And aren't we tops?
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  2. by   Sunshine97
    Hie Guys

    This answer will change my life please help me. Here we go.

    In an emergency situation are nureses in new zealand egally allowed to assist a woman deliver her baby.

    Trained in Sweden myself so no idea at all.