greet n meet/cheese n wine

  1. Isnt it great a forum for Aussie - feel like l am on an adventure again
    So lets see whose is on the board
    Lets all check in and see who can, may contribute - please any lurkers come and talk y us
    Also honorary Aussies welcome to contribute and ask questions make comments - I am sure this forum will habe all sorts of discussions -
    So l will strt at this wine and chees night/ greet and meet
    I am Sandra
    Trained at Preincess Alexandra Hospital - Graduated 31 years ago (am very ancient)

    Currently working in Aged care as Education Coordinator (Div 1 RN)
    Live in the North East of Victoria on a border town
    Love my work and people l work with
    hate the system in Aged care where there is totally not enough funds - or you have to justify every single penny
    Beleive in the ANF ( hope no feathers are ruffle with that)
    Cant spell well - as you may have notivced with my typing
    Love being a nurse and an Aussie.

    Do you think that will eet the ball rolling

    So OK Aussies - check in and say a litttle about yourself - Maybe we wont just natter maybe we will learn and also support the students coming through - cause they will look after me a 30 + yerars and l'm not going to be easy.

    Again thanks for the forum
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  3. by   l.rae
    hey sandra, l never realized you were aussie, l live in mid-west..Ohio..born and bred....nurse since in ER what is ANF? thing rings clear and true on this BB...the nursing woes are pretty much universal.

    Can you tolerate a really STUPID question????...ok here goes, do aussies really say "mate" like you hear on TV and movies?.....or is that hollywood fluff?.....l am fascinated by phrases and terms of other English speaking please forgive me if I am un-pc.....would like to learn some other cool sayings, l might visit someday......l can't spell either!...........LR
  4. by   StuPer
    Hi Sandra,
    I'm a british trained Psych nurse working in Taree, on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Love Oz, absolutely love the area I work in.... the beaches are bloody good
    The unit I'm in is a new acute psych admission unit, been staffed from the ground up mainly new to the area people the majority of whom are dead set keen..... so hopefully the future will be bright for the Mental Health clients in this area.
    regards Stuart
  5. by   renerian
    LOl Yes they say mate. I picked it up sometimes from a friend of mine.

    Is anyone living in or near Coffs Harbour? I wanted to work at Baringa or the base hospital but neither would sponser me and the work fees, taxes and living would have been an outlay of about 5,000 which I cannot do.

    I am presently in sales of incontinent supplies. I worked 6 years on a BMT unit, 11 in home health and 3 in LTC.

  6. by   Grace Oz
    I'm of the "OLDER" age group.FIFTYSOMETHING! And going strong, still drop dead gorgeous & SO VERY VERY QUIET AND SHY!!...LOL
    Have been nursing 34 years, mostly in acute care.
    Have fought the hard fight to help obtain better pay & conditions for nurses as a member of the ANF ( AUST NURSING FEDERATION) -( UNION for those who are unaware)
    I believe PASSIONATELY, that nursing should be returned to hospital based training!!...
    NOW, I KNOW that's going to get some of you going!! So, that's another thread!! LOL...

  7. by   Tookie
    Great to see you all - Yes a lot of peoeple do say mate -
    Strewth was another common saying when l was growing up - But you dont hear that so often now - Strewth is like l guess and expression of surprise
    Maybe we could sart a thread of Australian expressions
    Yes Grace - we are lucky in this country - am looking forward to Sunday (Australia day) Its becomeing a lot more patriotic more these days.
    we can also talk to people about the important of our ANZAC's
    Hope that the New Zealands will also feel that can contribute here as well after all they are our closest relations (half of them live here anyway- LOL)
    Well we are starting - Sehbar - again well done.
  8. by   thatldo
    I'm not an Aussie, but I'm an aussie wanna-be!!!
    I've always been fascinated with your country, the land, the history, the natives.
    Lets see I drive an outback, my horse trainer is Australian, & my dog is an Australian blue heeler. Do these count???? ha
    But I'm stuck in Oklahoma!

    I will make it down there some day. My absolute favorite movie is "The Man from Snow River" and also Return.

    How are the fires down there today? Are they under control yet?
  9. by   Grace Oz
    G'day & welcome! you've got a Blue Heeler??!!!
    How'd you get one over / up, there??!! Aren't they just magnificent dogs? I had one all my childhood, his name was TIMMY. I still miss that pooch.
    The fires are better under control at present but we're still not "out of the woods" yet. :-(
    It's been a tragedy, lives lost & hundreds of homes destroyed. We truly do live in a SUNBURNT country here in OZ. I make that reference in reference to a famous Australian poem; "A SUNBURNT COUNTRY" by Dorothea McKellar. My all time favourite poem. Keep in touch.
  10. by   caliotter3
    Hey there! Could someone give a little info about the process for a US cit to come "visit" and work or maybe stay? I thought I saw somewhere once that each province has their own rules and you must deal with them indiv. Any info would be appreciated. And I think this forum is great. Just found it.
  11. by   Grace Oz
    G'day caliotter3,
    I'm not too conversant with the requirements for an American citizen working in Oz. You'll be best to check with the Australian Counsel in your state.
    Here in Oz we consist of 6 states and 2 territories.Each state & territory has it's own nurses board & you must be registered with the board in whatever state / territory you practise in. You must apply to the individual state board for registration & / or enrolment as a nurse.
    If you write to the nurses board in the state you are wishing to visit / work in, I'm sure they will advise you. All the best.
  12. by   Tookie
    Good advice Grace - Most nurses boards have interent site - do a search for Australian nurses Boards - States Such As
    New South Wales,
    South Australia
    western Australia
    Nothern Territory
    Australian capitol Territory.

    That may lead to more inforamtion
    Good Luck Tookie
  13. by   caliotter3
    Thanks. It's so great when we answer each other's ?'s. Take care.
  14. by   jax
    hello all. I am an RN working in orthopaedics in a large hospital , I love it 90% of the time, but I only work 2 days per week - and i know if I was full time, I would be a lot more exhausted and less happy. Grace Oz, I would be very interested to hear more of your thoughts on hospital versus tertiary training.

    I am hospital trained, and feel that as students we were at times used and abused, but very prepared when we finished. I feel for the new graduates - they are very stressed, and it's a matter of hanging on for dear life for the first few months while they float or flounder. I do realise that there may be inadequate support systems for them, but when the experienced nurses are doing it tough - the grads do too.