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Ok, I'll start a thread too! :cool: In an effort to help our non -Aussies understand our lingo, I'll start a thread on our slang words and / or words that are parculiar, common, here in Aust. So... Read More

  1. by   bewbew
    how about a 'port' as in schoolbag..

    or 'but' at the end of each sentence!
  2. by   Tookie
    What a great thread
    Then there is spew - again vomit (isnt it awful we focus on this)
    Bloke loved your link

    At the moment we still laugh every time the tennis commentator refer to the cahnging of the tennis balls as
    'Serving with new balls"

    A couple that are reall old as in my parents that are in their 80's
    As busy as a one arm paper hanger
    if you ask what are you making=
    a wigwam for a gooses bridal - -- now come to think of that that may not be Aussie - please correct me

    There is probably heaps more and we will have to conitue to add them
    Hope you are keeping track - or are you writing a book Irae
  3. by   Tookie
    I have used some terms here that maybe percular to us l dont know things such as
    Rabbiting on or waffling on
    Do these make sense to non aussies - if not it generally means (well at least to go on to long about a subjct and not get to the point)
    Another expression that could be used is to have
    Verbal diahorrea.
  4. by   Aussienurse2
    Flat out, like a lizard drinking.
    Onya! As in good on you, use both postivily and negativly
    Not all the sheep are grazing in the top paddock. Meaning a little thick.
    Thick as a short plank, as in, well, stupid.
    Aussie salute, waving flies away from face
    Get stuffed, get lost, It's stuffed, its broken.
    Wallaby Teds brother'd As in Roo-ted.

    How cool, did you notice we can say "root" and it doesn't get beeped? Tee hee!!
  5. by   Tookie
    A kanagaroo short in the top paddock - same as the sheep above
  6. by   Grace Oz
    Unkile our American cousins, we don't "Root" for our team! We'd be labelled a s*#@&*!! for sure if we did!! In Oz we "Barrack" for our team.
  7. by   Grace Oz
    That should've read.... UNLIKE. LOL
    Butter fingers on the keyboard!! LOL
  8. by   MHN
    How about "would'nt it tear the fork outta your nightie" in response to sad story.
  9. by   MHN
    describing the strength of a wind as being to"blow a dog of its chain"
  10. by   MHN
    commentary on flatus volume/amount "a bit more choke and that would've started"
  11. by   Bloke
    commentary on flatus volume/amount "a bit more choke and that would've started"

    so this is how the bush fires started ???
  12. by   NurseRachy
    I have another one!!!
    YONKS - meaning ageeeeeeeeeeeees, a very long time!!
    Rachel @}-->--------
  13. by   renerian
    What a funny way this thread has shifted!


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