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Hi, I am looking to migrate to Australia and/or New Zealand. The Australian cities I had in mind are Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The New Zealand cities I had in mind are Wellington and Auckland. ... Read More

  1. by   kellieskorner
    I personally think Australian nursing is a lot better.Nurses are less stressed.Patients get free health care here and although we get wingers, American patients I found more demanding.Get em in get em out.Our working conditions are much better here.I work in the public system.We get 6 weeks paid holidays.double/triple time some day paid rostered off a month.50/75 percent extra on our base pays working nights,weekends.We work shift work which is a huge difference from the USA.Australian nurses have more autonomy than US nurses and we provide a lot more hands on care.It's less territorial thinking someone's going to take your job.ICU nursing over here we do everything including vents, suctioning/meds.In Australia we draw up most of our drugs and have to know how to calculate, where as where I worked in the US we had Pyxis machines and antibiotics hung on a saline bag.I think US trained Nurses would find preparing meds a challenge, and a lot of the drugs are the same just different name used in the class and doses are less for some drugs.I love working in Australia.I believe our lifestyle, wages, conditions are the best in the world.Education wise we can get a 3 year Bachelor degree for $10,000 but Australian trained BN degree is not recognized as meeting US standards, but our clinical standards rock!!!
  2. by   nephron19
    Hi Julianna.00- I cannot figure out how to PM you but was wondering if you could answer some questions I have about moving to Oz! thanks!
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from nephron19
    Hi Julianna.00- I cannot figure out how to PM you but was wondering if you could answer some questions I have about moving to Oz! thanks!
    Site requirement to send a pm is 15 or more posts. Maybe post your questions here as it may help others
  4. by   ANnot4me
    Unemployment in NZ is approaching 7.4% and times are hard for experienced nurses in NZ. I would not recommend coming to NZ. Wages are low and as I said, unemployment is high.
  5. by   Hagabel
    I trained in the UK, worked in the US for 20 yrs and have ben working in NZ for 18 mths in ER.
    I actually prefer working in NZ, (even though the pay is crap) but the staffing, way you get treated and working conditions are much better.
  6. by   tristessa
    I live in Australia so these sites may prove useful: Im sure New Zealand has equivalent sites-

    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Home -for nursing registration information - for immigration information

    Would be beneficial if you could be "sponsored" by a nursing agency or employer-they would organise all of your immigration & registration paperwork.

    Just curious as to why you want to immigrate to Australia or New Zealand?? Maybe a working holiday may give you some idea of what its really like to live in either Australia or New Zealand??

    Best of Luck.....
  7. by   Bama RN
    Just an FYI...the clinical hours for foreign nurses going to NZ is quite high. American nurses don't get registered without taking the CAP program in, and the waiting list is currently over 12 months.My OZ registration (Sydney branch) took 4 1/2 weeks to complete from the time they received it. I did it on my own without an agency, and had no problems. Just make sure to read and obtain what they ask for specifically.
  8. by   nephron19
    Bama, Just wondering how long ago you completed your registration?
  9. by   Bama RN
    I sent in my packet this past October, and I received approval in November.
  10. by   nephron19
    I was also wondering how easy it is to transfer licenses between states? So if I get my license thru the Victoria office but end up in Sydney would it be difficult to transfer it over or vice versa? I'm not sure where I will be living but want to get the ball rolling with my paperwork.
  11. by   K+MgSO4
    It is a national registration. AHPRA replaced the state nursing boards a few years ago so once you registered your good for anywhere in the country! One of the criteria for registration is that you have PI insurance. The cheapest way to get this is via the nursing union.

    Unions are not the dirty word here as they seem to be in the USA!
  12. by   nephron19
    Thank you all so much for answering all my questions! I have another one though lol: do you have health insurance while you are there? It asks you on the visa application and I'm wondering if you got a plan for your travels?
  13. by   K+MgSO4
    Talk to your insurance company. When I first left Ireland they said they could insure me for 6 months overseas so I paid for that while getting myself sorted here. Be aware non resident health insurance is expensive here. Because all Aussie's are entitled to Medicare there is no way your employer will pay it. However you can get tax relief on it at the end of the financial year.