is nursing is an anti-social job?

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talk with other RN's ,they are people like you around.You just do not see them now,what about other floor.cheer up !:)


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Hi Spaniel Gal,

I am just starting pre-reqs, so I can't specifically address your situation, but I think its common in many professions, especially if you are in a new city and you are the new girl on the job. Personally I have never felt welcomed when I start a new job. You so want to fit in but you always feel others are looking over your shoulders. It takes time for them to trust you and allow you into their clique.

As for the hours? Yes when you work unusual hours it does make it harder. Perhaps you could join a hobby club or take a non-nursing class that interests you just so you can meet new people?

I am getting ready to leave an area I have lived in for almost thirty years. I no longer have family here except for my father (we don't speak) so that is no big deal, but I'm still emotional about leaving the familar for the unfamilar. But I have found that I seem to be drifting further apart from my friends. They all are married with younger children and our times together are less and less frequent. And the older I get the more inadequate it made me feel. Don't get me wrong, I adore children (I can't have any) and would rather be married than single, but I always feel out of place around them. Most of my newer friends are about 10-15 years younger than me. A bit of an age gap, but they are single so we can do more things together.

Okay I got sidetracked a bit! Anyway I am actually looking forward to my move. I'm looking forward to starting classes, I'm looking forward to making new friends and seeing new things. Having a social life, at least for a couple of years, won't be a priority, but if I can fit in a night out every once in awhile I will!

Good luck!


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I understand what you are saying. As much as you would like the same social life that you see your contemporaries having, I believe that you are in a profession that demands more maturity, up front. You have moved into a diffrent maturity class. You will find peer that you can enjoy a social life with; by looking around within fields and groups that are experience simular demands on thier time and relsponsiblility


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Spaniel Gal,

Hang in there, nurses come and go in hospitals, and you are bound to meet some you click with. Also, the only way to feel comfortable and familiar with a place is to be there for awhile. So, good luck!

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I say take up golf and associate with other people

Spaniel gal

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Thanks everybody for the advice and info, I have found a group for 18-35's which meet weekly and arrange stuff or just to meet for a chat. So hopefully someone will get back to me :)



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Good for you! Before you know it you'll be so busy with your new life you'll be amazed! I have a feeling some one in that group is going to be so fortunate to have made a new friend-you!


This is a maturing process. Did you really expect to have your grade school friends forever? I was miserable when I first moved here 6 years ago, until I met people thru work and church. Now I feel at home. I think it is normal to be homesick but make the effort to meet people. Good luck and stick with your plan! You will be proud of yourself later.

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It may be part of the maturing process, but it isn't easy-we've all been there one way or another. Support and knowing that it's not just you makes a difference.


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