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Hello everyone, I'm starting my career in the medical field as a STNA in 2 months. I plan on becoming an pediatric acute care nurse practitioner. Because of my faith, I... Read More

  1. by   Ruas61
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    As a German Jew I find myself at odds at times but I have never been told not to work on the Sabbath. I am in the medical arena and I provide direct patient care, I work when needed for this is my gift and it is interrupted different ways I look at it this way:
    Both the Old and New Testaments invite us to care for the needs and alleviate the sufferings of others, for the Sabbath is a good day for all, particularly the lowly and the oppressed (Ex 23:12; Matt 12:10-13; Mark 2:27; Luke 13:11-17; John 9:1-21).

    Other Christians may look at this different. I would certainly speak to the elders in your church but I will leave you with this

    In every religion, culture there are hospital, nursing homes...that operate 24/7...these facilities do not close.
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    I would recommend speaking with your religious leaders. Many religions have exemptions about working on holy days for staff in areas like healthcare where it simply isn't possible to close up shop.
    I am Baha'i, and there are nine holy days scattered throughout the calendar year during which I am supposed to refrain from work. In this profession, that is usually neither possible nor practical, and I find other ways to commemorate those days.

    It doesn't hurt that my religion considers work done in the spirit of service to be the highest form of worship.
  3. by   thebizzRN
    Geez, I'm in the same situation. I am a sabbath keeper and also a musician thats plays for churches on sundays as well. My music ministry is a huge part of my life, but I also have the passion for nursing. I'm having a difficult time balancing my religious obligations with my nursing job. I'm seeing that most M-F jobs without weekends are clinics, and possibly home health. I would certainly consider these job options but since I am a relatively new RN, I want to develop my experience before going into autonomous based jobs such as home health. Any ideas?
  4. by   mslove717
    I am a practicing Catholic, and Sundays are days of obligation. However Mass after 4pm on Saturday also counts. I also always thought of the nuns who were nurses and worked ATC in hospitals. There are exceptions.

    I left hospital nursing for a variety of reasons and now work mon-Friday with all holidays off, but not having to worry about your job vs. religious obligations is a nice perk. Speak with your religious leaders on exception for healthcare workers. If it doesn't allow for that, consider not doing hospital work. I know that is against your desire to do acute peds, but you may be happier overall in a regular pediatric office where you aren't compromising your beliefs. I say that kindly, as I know often people who aren't in those shoes will just say "well why are you in health care then!" but it's a real worry for us. You want to be happy in all areas of your life, so just really think about your personal priorities
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    I see this is an older thread, but it seems like this topic comes up quite I'm responding.

    Quote from meanmaryjean
    The parable of the ox in the well is applicable here. I would posit those in need of care are oxen- and by providing that care we rescue them from the well.
    Exactly -- Jesus was dining with a prominent Pharisee, and the passage also references "the lawyers and Pharisees." A big fun ol' Pharissee dinner party. They were "watching him carefully..." presumably waiting to catch him in error.

    He made the son or ox comparison to illustrate that yes, it is permissible to heal others on the Sabbath...and then healed a man on said Sabbath.

    I'm assuming OP and thebizzRN are Christian due to the Sunday "sabbath." So let's hash this out. Jesus is fully man but also fully God. God is holy -- He is separate from sin and incorruptible (because he is separate from sin...remember He would later spend 3 days dead in a tomb? He's incorruptible.) He is also impeccable -- He not only does not sin, but He can not sin.

    Jesus healed that man on the Sabbath. Since He can not sin, we know that healing on the Sabbath is not a sin

    Now about acute care workplace accommodation, if you insist on this: You can certainly ask, and definitely offer to work every Saturday. But. The hospital would likely need someone else who would be willing to work every Sunday. I personally would not be willing to do that, because that means no weekends off.

    My other suggestion is to take per diem positions. They are typically non-benefitted positions, but you have the flexibility to choose your own availability -- in this case, you simply wouldn't be available on Sundays.